Monthly personal income

In 2019 the net monthly income of full-time and part-time employees including holiday bonuses (proportional 13th and 14th month) was €2 105 (Median). On average men (Median €2 408) earned 39% more than women (Median €1 738). The richest ten per cent of employees (Median €4 669) earned eight times more than the poorest ten percent of employees (Median €558).

Statistics Austria collects information about the monthly take-home pay from the main job for all employees in the Labour Force Survey and transmits information about the income deciles to Eurostat. Statistics Austria does not ask the respondents directly about their income, but uses administrative data from the central social insurance register and the tax register.

Please consult our German website for tables and charts containing further information.

Net monthly incomes of employees by full-time/part-time status - annual average 2019
Net monthly income of employees by socioeconomic factors - annual average 2019

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