Household Budget Survey 2014/15

Main results

On average each private household spends €2 990 a month. "Housing, energy" accounts for the largest share of household expenditures with 26.1%, followed by "Transport" with 14.2%, "Food, non-alcoholic beverages" with 11.8% and "Leisure, sports and hobbies" with 11.5%.

Standardizing household expenditures by household size and composition results in average monthly equivalence expenditures of €1 970. The weighting of equivalence expenditure is based on the EU scale ("modified OECD scale"): first adult person in the household = (equals) 1.0; every other person aged 14 and over = 0.5; each child under 14 years = 0.3.

The comparison of the 2014/15 Household Budget Survey with the 2009/10 survey shows a slight increase from €2 910 to €2 990 for the average monthly household expenditure, which corresponds to a nominal growth of 3.1%. An analysis of equivalent expenditure reveals an increase from €1 880 to €1 970, which corresponds to a nominal rise of 4.7%.; equivalent expenditure refers to the figure which takes account of the household size (which is decreasing in the long term) and of the household structure.

As expected household expenditures increase and equivalent expenditures decrease with the number of persons in a household. Compared with single-person households, very large households (5+ persons) spend around 21% less per adult equivalent.

Please consult our German website for tables and charts containing further information.

Results (overview): Monthly expenditures of private households - main results 2014/15
Comparison of the consumption expenditures: Household Budget Surveys 2014/15 and 2009/10

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Verbrauchsausgaben - Hauptergebnisse der Konsumerhebung 2014/15
This publication presents the main results of the Austrian Household Budget Survey 2014/15. In five-year intervals this survey provides information about expenditures, possession of consumer durables ...

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