Press release: 12.380-220/20

Spring frost reduced fruit harvest 2020, stone fruit mostly affected

Vienna, 2020-11-27 – A production of 192 700 tons of dessert fruits was achieved in 2020, as Statistics Austria reports. This was 13% below the ten year average and 14% lower than the previous year's production.

Pome fruit brought a quantity of 168 300 tons (-12% compared to 2019; -13% compared to the long-term average). The production of stone fruit was exceptionally weak and reached only 5 600 tons – this was 64% below the previous year's production and 56% below the ten years' average. The harvest of berries yielded 18 700 tons, which was 13% over the ten years average and corresponds to the previous year's level (±0% to 2019).

Apples, the main Austrian fruit species, achieved a harvest of 160 100 tons (-13% compared to 2019). Apricots were severely affected by spring frosts and therefore achieved only a very low production of 950 tons (-90% to 2019). Strawberries yielded 13 300 tons (-2% to 2019).

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