Press release: 12.448-039/21

Passenger volume in commercial aviation declined by 74.4% in 2020

Vienna, 2021-02-24 – According to Statistics Austria, a total number of 9.3 million passengers (transit included) was counted in 2020 at the six international Austrian airports (Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg). Compared to 2019, the passenger volume decreased by 74.4% (-26.9 million passengers). Furthermore, a total of 114 428 take-offs and landings was registered in scheduled and non-scheduled traffic at the six airports. Thus, the amount of flight movements declined by 64.2% compared to the previous year (319 945 take-offs and landings).

All Austrian airports were affected by a decrease in passenger volumes as a result of the Corona crisis, but the decline varied at the individual airports: With regard to the relative decreases in passenger volume compared to the previous year, the airports Innsbruck (-657 104 passengers or -57.4%) and Salzburg (-1 048 201 passengers or -61.0%) reported lower values. Both airports handle the majority of passengers in winter and benefited from the first months of the year that have not yet been affected by the Corona crisis. Vienna International Airport counted 7.8 million passengers in 2020, a decline by 23.8 million passengers or 75.3% compared to 2019. Large relative decreases in the number of passengers were registered at the airports of Klagenfurt (-160 039 passengers or -76.4%) Graz (-837 415 passengers or -80.8%) and Linz (-384 718 passengers or -88.2%).

Concerning air cargo and air mail, a total of 188 321 tonnes of cargo and 6 605 tonnes of mail was transported by air in the reference year. Compared to the declines in flight movements and passenger volume, the decrease by 23.8% compared to the previous year (247 200 tonnes) was significantly lower for air cargo. Air mail dropped by 60.0% compared to 2019 (16 521 tonnes).

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