Press release: 12.152-218/19

Reconciliation of work and family life: 29% of 18- to 64-year-olds have caring responsibilities for children, 7% for relatives

Vienna, 2019-12-17 – 29% of women and 28% of men had regular or occasional caring responsibilities for children under 15 in 2018. 9% of women and 6% of men had caring responsibilities for relatives. The study "Reconciliation of work and family life 2018" carried out by Statistics Austria shows that caring work has considerable influence on female but hardly any influence on male labour market participation.

Caring responsibilities had an impact on their current employment for 61% of mothers and 15% of fathers with children under 15. While for fathers employment rates are only slightly affected by the age of their youngest child, the impact varies greatly among mothers. Mothers in employment with younger children report childcare obligations to have an impact on their employment situation to a much greater extent than mothers with older children. The proportion decreases from 78% for women (18% for men) whose youngest child is under one year old, to 60% (13% for men) if children are in primary school age and to 42% (men 8%) if the youngest child is between 10 and 14 years old.

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