Building permits

Permitted dwellings

Despite the lockdown caused by the corona pandemic, only slightly fewer building permits were issued in the fourth quarter of 2020 than in the peak reference times in 2019 and 2017, building permits for the whole of 2020 came in a considerable third place

Around 19 900 apartments were approved for construction in the fourth quarter of 2020. Not included are the units created in Vienna by adding, building or converting existing buildings. With a minus of less than one percent (around 100 absolute) after 2019 and 2017, the second-highest result of all reference quarters was even achieved since 2005. Compared to the other comparative figures there were increases between around 16% or 2 800 (compared to the 4th quarter of 2015) and almost 41% or 5 800 (compared to the reference quarter of 2013).

In 2020 as a whole, the third-highest approval result was achieved after the peak values of 2017 followed by 2019

The approvals for the entire year - around 74 800 apartments without building, construction or renovation activities in Vienna - reached third place after 2017 followed by 2019: Compared to the front runner in 2017 the decrease was 8% or 6 500 in absolute terms, compared to 2019 it was 4% (which was almost 3 100 in absolute terms). In relation to the other reference numbers treated here, there were consistently increases that varied between almost 2% or around 1 400 approved apartments (2016) and around 39% or 21 000 entities (compared to 2012).

Building permits for new buildings

Despite restrictions due to Corona, both the new buildings approved in the 4th quarter and in 2020 as a whole achieved their highest result to date

Around 7 400 new buildings were approved for construction in the fourth quarter of 2020. This corresponded to the highest result since 2011. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the increase was a fifth or slightly more than 1 200 entities. The assessment of the development since 2011 has consistently shown increases which were mostly significantly higher and reached the highest level with almost 49% or 2 400 buildings compared to 2013.

The approximately 29 700 new buildings initiated throughout 2020 showed a similar picture over time: the current number here was less than 8% (i.e. around 2 100 properties) above the previous year's period; when looking at the other expansions, those compared to 2012 turned out to be the Largest (almost 28% or around 6 400 in absolute terms).

Please consult our German website for further information. Detailed results dating back to the 1st quarter of 2005 are available there.

Some of these figures are estimated and preliminary.