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In 2018 slightly less road traffic accidents, people injured and killed than in 2017; more fatalities with motorcycles and bicycles

Vienna, 2019-04-29 – In 2018, there were fewer road accidents, injuries and fatalities on Austria's roads than in 2017: As Statistics Austria reports, 46 525 people (-733; -1.6%) were injured and 409 were killed in 36 846 accidents (-556; -1.5%). Thus, the number of road deaths dropped by 5 people or 1.2% compared to 2017.  
Out of a total of 46 934 casualties, 1% (409) was killed, 16% (7 631) were seriously injured and 83% (38 894) slightly injured. 
Three times as many men (311) as women (98) lost their lives as a result of traffic accidents, with the proportion of men thus standing at 76% on average and peaking at 94% among 20-24 year olds. Out of 100 people injured, there were 56 men and 44 women.

15-24-year olds: lowest number of deaths; age class with the highest number of injured people

From 2017 to 2018, the number of 15-24-year-old fatalities fell from 66 to 51 (-23%), the lowest level ever.

Within 10 years not only the number of killed 15-24-year olds could be reduced by 68% (2008: 160 fatalities, 2018: 51), also their number of injured persons fell above average (-27%) on 11 436.

Despite these declines, this age group still accounts for the largest number of casualties and its share of all casualties is with 24% disproportionately high compared to its share of population (11%).

Passenger car: less injured people; number of fatalities unchanged, every fourth not belted

23 709 people (6.6% fewer than in 2017) were injured as car occupants, while the number of those killed in a car remained virtually unchanged (181 compared with 182 in 2017). Every fourth car passenger killed (47 or 26%) was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Motorcycle: highest number of fatalities since 2004; 43% died in single vehicle accidents

The number of motorcycle deaths (102) increased by 19 persons or 23% compared to 2017 and was the highest in 2003 most recently (109 deaths). Thus every fourth fatality was a motorcyclist.The growth comes mainly from April, according to "Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG)" the warmest since 1800, with more than twice as many motorcycle deaths compared to April 2017 (13 to 6) as well as from September (mild, sunny and mostly dry) with also 13 killed motorcyclists (2017: 8 killed). A high proportion of those killed motorcyclists (43%) were accounted for by single vehicle accidents, accidents without other accident participants, 24% by head-on and lateral collisions.

Bicycle: around 8 200 cyclists injured or killed (+689), at the age of 65 years and more 23% with e-bikes

There were 8 173 (+680 or +9.1%) bicyclists injured and 41 killed (+9 or +28%) in 2018. At the age of 65 years and more (1 745) every fourth (406) had an accident with an electric bicycle, on average it was 13%.

Pedestrians: lowest number of fatalities; decrease by two-thirds in the months of July to September

The number of injured pedestrians was only slightly lower than in 2017 (3 808; -1.4%), while that of pedestrians killed (47, down from 73, -26 fatalities or -36%) was the lowest since the statistics began in 1961. Especially in the summer months of July and August and in September there were two thirds fewer pedestrians killed in road accidents than in the same period in 2017 (7 versus 21).

For more detailed results and further information concerning road traffic accidents please refer to our Website or the German version.

Information on methods, definitions: On 1 January 2012, a significant change in the survey method took place. The survey based on paper questionnaires was replaced by electronic police reports. Since then, the results also include accidents which have become known later as well as additional injury reports. Due to these changes in the data collecting method, a break in time-series from the reporting year 2012 onwards has to be considered. Due to the revised survey method, a direct comparison between the results before 2012 with those from 2012 onwards is not recommended. 
Injury accident: any accident involving at least one road vehicle in motion on a public road, resulting in at least one injured or killed person.  
Person killed: any person killed immediately or dying within 30 days as a result of an injury accident.  
Severe injury: according to § 84 "Strafgesetzbuch" a health damage or an occupational disability for more than 24 days, or a serious injury or health damage.

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