Labour Cost Survey

The Labour Cost Survey is conducted every four years – the last time in 2017 with reference year 2016. Two different questionnaires were used for the survey depending on the OENACE 2008 section – different questionnaires were used for production and construction (OENACE 2008 section B to F) and services (OENACE 2008 section G to S (without O)).

In total 7,304 enterprises were selected into the sample, a slight decrease compared to the latest labour cost survey in 2013 (7 389 enterprises). Statistics Austria provided paper-questionnaires and Web-questionnaires as well – however, the Web-questionnaire was almost used exclusively in 2017 (98.9 per cent of all questionnaires were completed with the web-tool eQuest).

As for the other multinomial surveys the methodological concept for the Labour Cost Survey was changed in 2015 as well (see Concepts).

Total response burden for the labour cost survey amounted to 29 943 hours which was 9.1 per cent below the value of 2013.