Press release: 12.782-080/22

Graduates of Austrian public universities succeed in entering the labour market quickly

Vienna, 2022-04-06 – Graduates of public universities in Austria succeed in entering professional life quickly: About one quarter of all graduates already take up their first gainful employment before graduation. At the same time, a degree offers very good protection against unemployment. The share of graduates registered as unemployed is about 3% 36 months after graduation. These are the results of the final report of the "AbsolventInnen-Tracking" (ATRACK), a register-based full survey on the labour market integration of university graduates financed by the public universities as well as the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and published by Statistics Austria together with the University of Vienna.

"Education pays off. The gross monthly salary of graduates of public universities in Austria three years after graduation is on average about 3 400 euros, although the salary varies according to the course of study and the academic degree. Graduates are also quite well protected against unemployment: Only 3% of graduates from public universities are unemployed three years after graduation," says Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas.

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