Press release: 11.607-167/17

First half of summer season 2017: By 4.4% more overnight stays; new record in domestic overnight stays

Vienna, 2017-07-28 – According to the latest preliminary results of Statistics Austria 35.93 million overnight stays were registered for the first half of the summer season 2017 (May to July) which led to an increase of 4.4% compared to the same period of the previous year. This is the highest result since 1992 (36.68 million) and marks a new record in domestic overnight stays with 11.08 million (+1.5%) despite a slight decrease of domestic overnights in July 2017 (-1.3%). The number of overnights by residents (+1.5% to 11.08 million) as well as non-residents (+5.8% to 24.85 million) developed positively. The number of guests also reached a peak of 11.84 million (+5.7%) in the period May to July 2017.

Except for the United Kingdom (-1.4%), Switzerland and Liechtenstein (-0.6%), Belgium (-4.3%) and Italy (-0.9%), the number of overnight stays by the most important countries of origin developed positively. The highest relative increases in overnights were recorded for Russia (+31.5%), followed by Poland (+15.8%), Romania (+11.3%) and Hungary (+9.5%). The number of overnights by the most important country of origin, Germany, reached 12.85 million, which resulted in an increase of 6.8%.

An analysis by type of accommodation showed that with +13.8% and +9.0%, respectively, the highest growth rates were registered in commercial and private holiday dwellings. 2-/1-star hotels declined by 6.0%. The most important category, the 5-/4-star hotels (+1.4%) also recorded growth. An over-average increase was observed in 3-star-hotels (+6.5%).

July 2017: significant increase in the number of German overnights

For July 2017, 17.51 million overnight stays were registered, which is an increase of 2.6% compared to July 2016 whereas the nights spent by non-resident tourists increased by 4.1% to 12.83 million and the nights spent by resident tourists decreased by 1.3% to 4.69 million. In July 2017 the overnights spent by German guests increased above average by 5.2% to 6.32 million. Despite the positive overnight performance in the second most important summer month, the value for July 2017 is well below the previous peak value of July 1980, which recorded 23.62 million overnight stays.

January to July 2017: increase by 2.5% in overnights

For the first seven months of 2017 (January to July 2017) about 90.03 million overnight stays were registered, which means a growth of 2.5%. Increases were recorded in the number of overnights by residents (+ 1.3% to 22.61 million) as well as non-residents (+2.9% to 67.42 million). With a rise of 3.8% to 25.54 million guests, the number of arrivals achieved a new record value as well.

For the most important countries of origin – with the exception of Sweden (-0.6%) and Italy (-1.4%) – increases in the number of overnight stays were registered, the highest among the Russian guests (+16.6%). For Germany, the most important country of origin, a relative increase of 1.6% or more than half a million to 33.61 million overnights was recorded.


Methodological information, definitions: Within the scope of the monthly overnight statistics, the arrivals and overnight stays are provided by rented tourist accommodation establishments in those communities which have more than 1 000 overnight stays per year. Of the total of 2 100 Austrian communities, this concerns around 1 550 reporting communities, which transmit data monthly to Statistics Austria. The survey units are commercial and private tourist accommodation establishments, which transmit their data to the relevant reporting community by means of the "Statistische Meldeblatt" or the "Betriebsbogen". For previous year comparisons, the current monthly data with the values of the adequate reporting communities of the previous month are used.

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