Publication: Stock of vehicles 2021 (Statistik der Kraftfahrzeuge, Bestand am 31.12.2021)

Kfz-Bestand 2021

This publication contains structural data on the stock of all vehicles registered for circulation (motor vehicles and trailers) as of December 31, 2021. Data on passenger cars, motorcycles, scooters, motor tri- and quadricycles, omnibuses, lorries, articulated lorries, tractors used for agriculture and forestry, driveable work machines, harvesters and campers are presented in the table section down to the level of the federal states, where this is statistically meaningful and possible. This publication is available in German language only.


Naturalisations doubled to 4 865 in the first quarter of 2022; almost 40% of the newly naturalised are descendants of Nazi victims


In the first three months of 2022, Austrian citizenship was granted to 4 865 persons, including 1 925 persons residing abroad. This means that there were more than twice as many naturalisations as in the same quarter of the previous year (2 402 naturalisations). Compared to before the Corona pandemic (first quarter 2019: 2 764 naturalisations), there was also an increase of 76%. This rise is primarily due to naturalisations under §58c StbG. Under this legal title, descendants of victims of the Nazi regime have since September 2020 the option of naturalisation, without having to give up their previous citizenship.


Inflation increased to 7.2% in April 2022 (HICP: 7.1%)


In April 2022, the inflation rate was at 7.2%. Expenditures for transport (+17.7% compared to April 2021, including fuels +49.1%) proved to be the most important price driver, followed by expenditures for housing, water and energy (+9.4%, heating oil +100.4%, gas +68.7%, electricity +8.5%). The consumer price index (CPI 2020) was at 109.1, while the average price level increased by 0.3% compared to March 2022.



 CPI 2020

Inflation April '227.2%

Index April '22 (prel.)109.1

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Maastricht EDP Indicators

Government deficit 215.9%

Government debt 2182.8%

HICP 212.8%

Long term interest rate 21-0.09%