Wealth in time 2008/09

Wealth in Time is an important issue in the field of life quality research. To have time becomes an essential indicator of wellbeing for the society.

During the project “wellbeing” the survey “Wealth in Time” was conducted by Statistics Austria from October 2008 to March 2009 on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and EUROSTAT. About 7 600 persons aged 15 years or older answered questions regarding their satisfaction with their time use in different fields of life.

Results showed that, for instance, education has an influence on the way time is experienced. Higher educated people considered their time available for different activities less sufficient than less educated people. Education seems to awaken needs. Another result shows that men regard the time they have at their disposal for different activities (like housework, child care…) not as sufficient as women do.

Within the project “wellbeing” the wider aspect of quality of life was researched. Subjective indicators of wellbeing were analysed like satisfaction with the housing or the working situation, work/family life balance, subjective evaluation of the state of health, or noise pollution and criminality of the neighbourhood. For more detailed information please refer to our German Website and the report (PDF 2,35MB, available in German only) or to the homepage and the press release (available in German only)of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

The microdata of the Wealth in Time Survey 2008/09 is now available. The forms (Data Use Agreement and the Terms of Delivery and Payment) can be found under further information.

Results (overview): Average distribution - Sufficient time for different fields of life
Average distribution - Satisifaction with balance of time
Average distribution - Statments relating to the subjective feeling of time

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