In December 2018 a total of 2 795 837 pensions were paid, consequently an increase of 0.8% was recorded in 2018, according to the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions. Of all pensions 85% came from statutory pension insurance and 12% were civil servants’ pensions. The remainder were made up of pensions paid by accident insurance (3%), and different pension benefits for war and military service victims (0.5% together).

Statutory pension insurance and civil servants’ pensions

Altogether 2 356 300 persons were in receipt of a civil servants’ and/or statutory pension insurance pension in 2018, with 14% of this number receiving two or more pensions. Amongst women there were 21% multiple recipients. This was primarily due to the receipt of a widow’s/widower’s pension in addition to a pension in one’s own right.

In total 152 941 invalidity pensions, 1 714 021 old-age pensions and 496 619 survivors’ pensions were paid from statutory pension insurance in December 2018. The total number of pensions in the statutory pension insurance rose by 1.0% in 2018. This is mainly due to a decrease in invalidity pensions (-4.0%) – because of changes in public pension insurance law - and to a rise in old-age pensions (+1.9%).

The average monthly pension of all old-age pensioners (without cross-national partial pensions) amounted to €1 966 for men and to €1 126 for women (gross, including supplements, without 13th and 14th month pay) in December 2018. The firstly awarded monthly old-age pension (without cross-national partial pensions) averaged to €2 227 for men or €1 284 for women.

In 2018, men receiving (regular and early) old-age pension for the first time aged on average 63.2 years (2017: 63.3) and women 60.4 years (2017: 60.4), according to the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions. Invalidity pension (without rehabilitation benefit) was paid first at 55.7 or 52.2 years respectively.

Further and to some extent more recent information and tables on the statutory pension insurance can be found on the websites of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection (Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit und Konsumentenschutz; available in German only) as well as of the Main Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions (Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger; available in German only).

In 2017, 198 266 persons received a civil servants’ pension and 25 360 persons were paid a civil servants survivors’ pension (without double pension recipients). The average monthly civil servants’ pension (fourteenth of the annual pension, single pension recipients) amounted to €3 021 (gross) for men und €2 860 for women.

Accident insurance

The average monthly disability pension received from accident insurance (partial und full pensions including additional pensions and supplements) was €458 (gross) for men and €276 for women in December 2018. Altogether 81 308 direct pensions and 13 500 survivors’ pensions were paid.

Social compensation for war and military service victims

The number of pensions for war victims decreased from 95 231 in 1980 to 2 348 at the beginning of 2019. Pensions were received by 917 war victims of the resistance struggle and by 1 694 military service victims.

Please consult our German website for tables containing further information.

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