Household Budget Survey 2019/20

The Household Budget Survey (HBS) 2019/20 was implemented as a random sample survey and was conducted between the end of May 2019 and mid-June 2020. The primary aim of the survey was to record all expenditures of private households in a detailed way. Therefore, households were asked to record their expenditures in a diary for a period of two weeks. In addition, they answered questions about housing and the possession of consumer durables while providing basic demographic information about each household member. The participation was voluntary; 7 139 households were successfully interviewed, which corresponds to an overall response-rate of 25.3%.

Main results 

The average monthly household expenditures sum up to 3 250 euros. The expenditures per adult equivalent – household expenditures standardised according to size and type of household – amount to 2 160 euros. The weighting of equivalence expenditure is based on the EU-scale (modified OECD-scale): the first adult person in the household equals 1.0; every other person aged 14 or above equals 0.5; every child under 14 years equals 0.3.

The largest share of household expenditures is spent on Housing, Electricity with 24.4%, followed by Transport with 13.9%, Recreation and Culture with 13.4% and Food, non-alcoholic beverages with 12.1%.

Compared with the results of the Household Budget Survey 2014/15, the average monthly household expenditures increased from 2 990 to 3 250 euros, which is a nominal increase of +8.4%. The expenditures per adult equivalent, i.e. considering size and structure of households, show a nominal increase of +9.7%.

Please consult our German website for tables and charts containing further information.

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Comparison of the consumption expenditures: Household Budget Surveys 2019/20 and 2014/15

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