Press release: 12.397-237/20

High working flexibility; 40.5% of employed always or often under time pressure

Vienna, 2020-12-14 – Two fifths (41.5%) of employed persons were asked to stay at work longer or come to work earlier at least once a month. This is one of the results of Statistics Austria's survey regarding the work organisation and working time arrangements prior to the COVID-19 crisis. Nearly half of self-employed were required to change their working times at least once a week (45.0%) and thus almost twice as often as employees (24.6%).

40.5% of employed persons were contacted occasionally regarding their work during their leisure time. This applied to 62.8% of self-employed and to 37.4% of employees. About half of the contacted persons were expected to take action before the next working day (49.1%).

For about a third of the employees (36.7%), it was very easy to take one or two hours off for personal or family matters at short notice, whereas for a forth (24.5%) it was very easy to take two days off. Men (39.7%) could take one or two hours off more easily than women (33.2%). Similarly, men could take days off more easily than women.

40.5% of employed persons were working always or often under time pressure. The branch of business with the highest time pressure is "accommodation and food service activities"; more than half of the employed working in this economic sector (53.0%) had to work under time pressure always or often.

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