The 2011 Register-based Census counted 3 644 958 dwellings which were occupied by usual residents, i.e. persons who were registered with a main residence in precisely this dwelling on reference day 31 October. 796 450 dwellings serve secondary or seasonal purposes or, for other reasons, do not have usual residents at time of the census. Since 2001 the total number of dwellings has increased by 15.0%. Among them, the number of dwellings with usual residents has risen by 9.9%. The largest growth was recorded in the western parts of Austria, namely in Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

Dwellings can be described by characteristics of the building such as type of building, ownership, period of construction, and by characteristics of the dwelling such as useful floor space, number of rooms, ownership/tenure status. In many of these topics, dwellings with one or more usual residents and dwellings with secondary residences or no residences differ significantly from each other. First, the stock of dwellings built before 1945 is higher in the second group (33.8%) than in the first group of dwellings (23.7%). Dwellings without main residences are less often located in apartment buildings (47.8% as against 52.3% with main residences). More often they are found in non-residential buildings (6.0%) and to a similar extent in single or double family buildings (46.2%). For dwellings with usual residents the respective proportions are 2.6% and 45.1%. Further distinctive features are that dwellings without main residences are smaller on average (73.6 m2 and 3.4 rooms as against 93.4 m2 and 4.3 rooms), that they more frequently are not well-equipped (i.e. no bathroom or shower, no central heating etc.) and that the building is more frequently owned by private persons or companies.

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