Construction of buildings and dwellings

Statistics concerning the construction of buildings and dwellings on the one hand include reporting on the (characteristics of) authorized and completed buildings and dwellings (and units used for other purposes) and on the other hand the costs and financing of residential construction.

Statistics of building activities

The former residential building statistics previously provided information gathered from the constructor with collaboration of the municipalities (building authorities). The change over to the system of the Address, Buildings and Dwellings Register (available in German only) the old survey converted to a sampling of administrative data provided by the building authorities (municipalities, to some extent also district authorities) and simultaneously extended to the collection of information about all buildings (not only about residential buildings).

Statistics on the costs and financing of residential construction

The statistics on the costs and financing of residential construction are based on a survey with the constructor’s obligation to provide this information. For private constructors completing residential buildings with one or two dwellings it is conducted as a sample survey. For all the other constructors (buildings) the survey is carried out in the form of a census.