Dwellings completed between 2005 and 2019, preliminary stock of dwellings by end of 2019

2019 completed apartments, time comparison, type of buildings or construction activity

Based on data deductions from September 15, 2020, new results for the 2019 reporting year as well as revised figures for the completion periods 2005 to 2018 that have already been published are available. In 2019, almost 78 000 apartments were built across Austria. It does not include the units to be built in Vienna by acquisition, conversion or construction of existing buildings. This number was the highest result to date even since the eighties of the last century. Especially with regard to the last three reporting years, which are more comparable, the current result represents the highest value to date. The increase compared to the previous year was around 12% or 8 500 apartments, compared to 2017 an increase of over 26% or around 16 200 was absolutely quantifiable.  
Construction activity was dominated by multi-storey residential construction which made up almost 59% of all completions in 2019. Around a quarter of all units were built with one and two-family houses in the same period. With the exception of the federal capital, 16% of the apartments were created through extension, construction and renovation activities on existing buildings. The value of the comparatively few entities that came about with new non-residential buildings was 1%. The corresponding distributions from the two previous years showed a similar picture with increases in the proportions of larger residential buildings contrasting with declines in add-on, construction and conversion activities as well as in single and two-family houses.

All these figures are preliminary and estimated.

Updated housing stock

Starting from the final housing stock of the register census 2011 (deadline 31st October), adding the estimated completion results (excluding conversion work in Vienna) and deducting all reported departures from the housing (with the exclusion of any possible housing losses due to construction, construction and alteration work in Vienna) at the end of 2019 an updated portfolio of around 4 847 000 apartments had to be calculated.  
The capital of Vienna achieved the highest share of not quite 22%. In Lower Austria it was just over 19%. Almost 16% of the apartments were in Upper Austria and around 14% in Styria. For Tyrol, the extrapolation resulted in a proportion of almost 9%. Carinthia followed by Salzburg achieved almost 7 or more than 6% here. In Vorarlberg more than 4% could be determined. At the lower end of the regional distribution is Burgenland with a population share of more than 3%.

These figures are preliminary and estimated in terms of accesses to apartments.

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