Self-perceived health

The figures stated below refer to the “Austrian health interview survey 2014“.

Almost four out of five Austrians aged 15 and over (79%) are satisfied with their general health status, rating it as “very good” or “good”. Conversely, only 5% of the population describe their health as “poor” or “very poor”. Almost one person in six (17%) perceives his or her health as “fair”. The results once again show that women rate their health slightly less positively than men, with 81% of men – but only 77% of women – describing their health as at least “good”. Thus, overall, differences between the sexes are not very marked and affect almost every age group. However, gender-specific differences increase considerably in later adulthood. Longer life expectancy for women (2014: 83.7 years; men: 78.9 years) apparently results in a greater degree of health problems in old age for women than for men of the same age.

Compared with the results of earlier health interview surveys, a positive trend can be seen overall in terms of self-perceived health status. It gets even more marked, if statistically adjusted for the influence of ageing. The share of males perceiving their health at least as “good” increased (adjusted for age) from 68% in 1991 to 80% in 2014. For women the respective share rose from 66% (1991) to 77% (2014).

Results (overview): Self perceived health

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