Cancer mortality among children and adolescents, Austria 2008-2017
Diagnostic group (ICCC)1)absolute numbersage-standardised rates2)
Malignant Neoplasms total26433739221,322,522,7
I Leukaemia5981934,75,55,4
II Lymphomas915230,71,11,3
III CNS tumors921121227,57,47,2
IV Sympathetic nervous system tumors3032332,422
V Retinoblastoma---000
VI Renal tumors13141510,90,9
VII Hepatic tumors4440,30,20,2
VIII Malignant bone tumors1930411,52,12,3
IX Soft tissue sarcomas25313522,12
X Germ cell and gonadal tumors35700,40,4
XI Carcinomas and XII Other and unspecified tumors1013190,80,91,1