Press release: 12.249-089/20

Transport volume and transport performance by rail decreased in 2019 for the second year in succession

Vienna, 2019-05-29 – In 2019, a total of 102.6 million tonnes of freight was transported on Austria's railway network. This represents a decrease of 2.6% compared to 2018, as Statistics Austria reports. The transport performance (i.e. the product of transport volume and distance) on Austrian territory totalled 21.7 billion tonne-kilometres (tkm) which was 1.2% lower than in 2018. The transport volume and the transport performance were below the figures for the reporting years 2018 (105.3 million tonnes and 22.0 billion tkm) and 2017 (107.6 million tonnes and 22.3 billion tkm). 

Broken down by modes of transport, national transport amounted to 28.0 million tonnes, international goods receipt to 27.2 million tonnes, international goods dispatch to 17.1 million tonnes and transit to 30.3 million tonnes. The breakdown of the transport performance was as follows: national transport 4.4 billion tkm, international goods receipt 5.8 billion tkm, international goods dispatch 4.0 billion tkm and transit 7.5 billion tkm.

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