Press release: 12.245-085/20

Road freight transport 2019: transport volume at 402.2 million tonnes

Vienna, 2020-05-27 – In 2019, 402.2 million tonnes (t) of goods on 30.1 million laden journeys were transported by goods road vehicles registered in Austria, according to Statistics Austria. Thus, the transport volume increased by 2.3% compared to the preceding year. The total transport performance, achieved on Austrian and foreign territory (i.e. the product of transport volume and distance travelled) was 26.5 billion tonne-kilometres (tkm) and therefore by 2.9% higher than in 2018. Around 18.9 billion tkm of this transport performance (+1.7%) took place on Austrian territory. The transport performance operated on foreign territory increased by 6.0% to 7.6 billion tkm in 2019.

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