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Passenger car registrations fell by two thirds in April 2020

Vienna, 2020-05-12 – In April 2020, the number of new passenger car registrations (11 220) declined by 64.9%, according to Statistics Austria. New registrations of petrol-driven passenger cars sunk by 71.0% (share: 44.8%), those of diesel cars by 63.8% (share: 40.0%). Fewer new registrations were recorded for new electric cars (-23.1%; share: 5.0%).

The passenger car makes with the highest registration figures were VW (share: 14.7%), Skoda (share: 13.1%) and BMW (share: 7.6%). Among the Top 10 car makes, all makes recorded double-digit declines: Skoda -44.7%, Renault -51.4%, Audi -56.7%, Mercedes -57.6%, BMW -57.7%, Peugeot -62.3%, VW -66.6%, Kia -67.2%, Ford -67.5% and Seat -74.0%.

The market for new commercial vehicles showed increases for tractors used for agriculture and forestry (+5.8%). Fewer registrations were reported for lorries category (cat.) N3 (-33.4%), lorries cat. N2 (-44.2%), lorries cat. N1 (49.3%) and articulated lorries (-65.0%).

Among the two-wheelers, fewer registrations were recorded for new motorcycles (-22.2%) and scooters (-60.5%).

In total, 19 950 motor vehicles were newly registered in April 2020, thus the decrease compared to April 2019 amounted to 56.6%.

January to April 2020: new passenger cars -41.6%; new motor vehicles -39,3%

From January to April 2020, the number of new passenger car registrations decreased by 41.6% to 65 900, or 46 906 vehicles fewer than in the same period of 2019. The total number of newly registered motor vehicles declined by 39.3% or 59 223 to 91 580.

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Information on methods, definitions: Motor vehicle statistics (registrations of new and used vehicles as well as the stock of vehicles) are secondary statistics, compiled on the basis of daily data files sent to Statistics Austria by Austria’s association of insurance companies (VVO). VVO, in turn, receives data by the insurances’ registrations offices, responsible for registrations, de-registrations and rectifications of motor vehicles and trailers. 
Within motor vehicle statistics, all motor vehicles, once nationally or internationally registered, are levied, irrespective of the registration’s duration.

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