Bridge table: PEFA-Indicators to Energy Balance-Indicators
in Terajoule (1012 Joule)20132014201520162017
Gross inland energy consumption (territory principle)1.421.9351.377.5261.403.1311.414.0181.441.854
Energy use by non-residents in Austria (-)139.665140.475152.736171.423170.342
of which: Land transport operated by non-residents on the territory135.983136.194147.552166.255166.275
Water transport operated by non-residents on the territory195176231213233
Air transport operated by non-residents on the territory3.4874.1054.9534.9553.835
Energy use by resident units abroad (+)49.49750.00144.13238.82343.801
of which: National fishing vessels operating abroad - - - - -
Land transport operated by resident units abroad40.11938.33233.47829.37630.539
International water transport undertaken by resident units - - - - -
International air transport operated by resident units9.37911.66910.6549.44713.262
Total energy use by resident units (domestic energy use) - residence principle1.331.7671.287.0521.294.5271.281.4181.315.313