Press release: 11.830-141/18

For the first time more than 19 million nights spent in tourism pre-summer season 2018

Vienna, 2018-07-27 – According to preliminary results by Statistics Austria, 19.22 million nights spent were recorded for the pre-summer season 2018 (May and June), representing an increase of 4.3% compared to the same period of the previous year. Thus, for the first time since the beginning of statistical records, more than 19 million nights spent were registered in this period. Nights spent by resident visitors (+2.5% to 6.56 million) as well as non-resident visitors (+5.2% to 12.66 million) developed positively. The number of arrivals also reached an all-time-high of 7.00 million (+5.1%) in the period May and June 2018.

Almost all of the countries of origin developed positively: Germany – the most important country of origin – reached a growth of 5.4% with 6.89 million nights spent. The highest relative increases in the number of nights spent were reported for guests from Poland (+18.0%), the Czech Republic (+15.6%), the Netherlands (+6.5%) and Hungary (+5.9%). Decreases in the number of nights spent were only registered for Italy (-5.8%), Russia (-0.7%) and Denmark (-15.5%).

For June 2018, 10.71 million nights spent were registered, a decrease of 5.0% compared to June 2017. This decline was due to shifts of religious holidays (Pentecost and Corpus Christi were 2017 in June, 2018 in May).

First half of 2018: for the first time more than 75 million nights spent and over 21 million guests

About 75.68 million nights spent were registered in the first half of the calendar year 2018 (January to June 2018). This corresponds to a growth of 4.3%. Increases were recorded in the number of nights spent by residents (+2.8% to 18.44 million) as well as non-residents (+4.8% to 57.24 million). With a rise of 5.0% to 21.40 million guests, the number of arrivals achieved a new record value as well.

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