National accounts by institutional sectors, quarterly data (ESA 2010)

Quarterly non-financial sector accounts are drawn up for the purpose of establishing accounts for the Euro Area and the European Union.

The accounts are considered necessary for analysing business cycles within the EU and for implementing monetary policies as part of the Economic and Monetary Union. European sector accounts are compiled by Eurostat and the ECB based on data reported by the individual member states. EU member states are obliged to submit the data no later than 90 days following the end of the quarter to which the data relates.

At a national level only data for the household sector including non-profit institutions serving households are published. These show the current account, i.e. disposable income and saving. In order to avoid problems of seasonality cumulated sums of four consecutive quarters (“rolling years”) are used. All figures are at current prices.

The results of the European quarterly non-financial sector accounts are to be found under the following links:

Disposable Income and Saving of private Households and Nonprofit institutions serving households, 2001Q1-2021Q2
Operating Surplus and Investment of Non-Financial Corporations, 2001Q1-2021Q2

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