Economic key figures

These economic indicators provide a comprehensive insight into the productivity, the personnel- and expense structure as well as the investment behavior of Austrians production- and service enterprises. In the statistical database STATcube, 71 economic figures by branches (525 classes of ÖNACE 2008) and employee size classes beginning from 2008 are available free of charge for interactive queries. On the one hand the data allow branch comparisons on the basis of various parameters and, on the other hand, provide a valuable benchmark tool for companies to compare their own results with the branch average. The data basis for the calculation is the structural business statistics as well as the short term statistics in industry and construction.

The economic key figures were subdivided into:


Important information

The majority of the key figures (62) are calculated from the structural business statistics and are therefore available for sections B to N and S95 of the ÖNACE 2008 for all employee size classes. An exception is the key data "share of costs for sub-contracting ". Since subcontracts are only recorded for production, only values for sections B to F of the ÖNACE 2008 are available for this key figure.

7 key figures (Export intensity, Share of agency staff in the enterprise, Hours worked per employee, Hours paid per employee, Ratio of hours not worked to hours paid, Production sold per employee, Production sold per hour worked) are calculated solely from data of the Short Term Statistics in industry and construction and hence are only available for the ÖNACE-sections B-F.

Two key figures (Gross salary per salary earner and Gross wage per wage earner) are calculated for services (G-N and S) with data of the Structural Business Statistics and for industry and construction (B-F) with data of the Short Term Statistics in industry and construction. Only in industry and construction sub-contracting is collected. Thus the key figure Share of costs for sub-contracting is only available for ÖNACE section B-F.

Economic key figures 2018 - overview

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