Press release: 12.059-125/19

Regional foreign trade 2018: Styria with the strongest increases

Vienna, 2019-07-15 – In 2018, all nine Austrian federal states registered increases in exports, according to preliminary results by Statistics Austria. The federal states Styria (+13.9%) and Salzburg (+9.0%) realised the highest relative increases. In absolute terms, Styria (+€3.02 bn) and Upper Austria (+€1.67 bn) showed the strongest gains. On the import side, Styria (+13.2% or +€2.25 bn) and Carinthia (+8.3% or +€0.54 bn) recorded the strongest relative increases compared to the previous year. Tyrol was the only federal state with a negative development and registered a small decline of imports (-1.2%). The highest external trade values in terms of trade intensity (sum of imports and exports) were observed in Upper Austria, Vienna and Lower Austria – in the order indicated.

Among the Austrian federal states, the largest part of imports was registered in Vienna (€38.13 bn, 24.5% of the overall Austrian imports). Upper Austria (€28.88 bn, 18.5%) and Lower Austria (€26.69 bn, 17.1%) recorded the second and third highest import shares. With more than one quarter, Upper Austria had the largest share in the overall Austrian exports (€38.19 bn, 25.5%), followed by Styria (€24.75 bn, 16.5%) and Lower Austria (€23.15 bn, 15.4%).

Five of the nine federal states showed a foreign trade surplus in 2018. Upper Austria had the largest surplus (€9.31 bn), whereas Vienna displayed the highest trade deficit (-€18.63 bn).

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