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Austrian foreign trade in 2019 (final results)


Compared to year 2018, the turnover of the Austrian foreign trade of the year 2019 (final results) indicated an increase with regard to imports as well as to exports. Austrian imports of goods rose by 1.1% to €157.82 bn; Austrian exports grew by 2.3% to €153.50 bn. Foreign trade with EU member states showed a growth in both trade flows (intra-EU-imports: +0.3% to €110.66 bn; intra-EU-exports: +1.9% to €106.94 bn). Imports and exports from third-countries rose (extra-EU-imports: +3.1% to €47.16 bn; extra-EU-exports: +3.2% to €46.56 bn). The Austrian trading of goods balance registered a deficit of €4.32 bn in the year 2019.

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Trade according to goods categories

Imports of Machinery and transport equipment increased by 3.7% to €56.83 bn and showed the strongest plus in terms of value and the highest value for imports. The value of imports of Miscellaneous manufactured articles increased by 3.1% to €23.70 bn.

The highest increase for exports revealed Chemicals and related products (+8.4 to €21.57 bn), Machinery and transport equipment (+2.5% to €61.76 bn) and Food and live animals (+5.6% to €8.56 bn).

Trade with the EU-28

Overall, trade with the EU member states accounted for 70.1% of total imports (year 2018: 70.7%) and 69.7% of total exports (year 2018: 69.9%). In 2019 as a whole, imports of goods from the EU partner countries rose by 0.3% to €110.66 bn. Exports of goods to these countries increased by 1.9% to €106.94 bn. Compared with the previous year; the deficit in trade with the EU declined from €5.38 bn to €3.72 bn.

The most important EU-trading partners for imports were Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Netherlands. One half of these countries showed a plus for imports. Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland played an important role in Austrian exports to the EU Member States. With the exception of Germany, Italy and Czech Republic these countries recorded an increase for exports.

The largest growth with respect to imports and exports was recorded for Machinery and transport equipment (intra-EU-imports: +1.7% to €41.83 bn; intra-EU-exports: +2.7% to €40.46 bn). The value of imports of Food and live animals increased by 4.0% to €8.43 bn. Chemicals and related products showed the second-largest growth for exports (+7.0% to €14.11 bn).

Trade with non-EU countries

The value of imports from non-EU countries increased by 3.1% to €47.16 bn; exports grew by 3.2% to €46.56 bn. The balance of trade with non-EU countries showed a deficit of €0.60 bn. In the year 2019 an amount of 29.9% of all imports were registered with third countries while the share of exports was 30.3%.

China, the United States and Switzerland were the most important non-EU-trading partners on the import side and showed positive change rates compared with 2018 (except Switzerland). On the export side the three major non-EU countries are congruent: United States followed by Switzerland and China. The export values of these three third countries increased (exception: United States -3.4% to €10.24 bn).

The increase of import values of Machinery and transport equipment (+9.6% to €15.00 bn) and Miscellaneous manufactured articles (+7.9% to €9.46 bn) from non-EU countries contributed essentially to this development. The export-related increase was largely attributable to the two most important product groups Chemicals and related products (+11.3% to €7.46 bn) and Machinery and transport equipment (+2.2% to €21,31 bn).

Austrian foreign trade in 2019
January – December
YearImportsExportsImport (-) or export (+) surplusIncrease (+) or decrease (-) against the previous year Percentage
€1 000Per cent
2019*157 817 219153 501 642-4 315 5771.12.3100100
2018156 056 108150 070 984-5 985 124  100100
EU-28 (intra-EU-imports/-exports)
2019*110 657 704106 937 313-3 720 3910.31.970.169.7
2018110 320 300104 942 772-5 377 528  70.769.9
Non-EU countries (extra-EU-imports/-exports)
2019*47 159 51546 564 329-595 1863.13.229.930.3
201845 735 80845 128 211-607 597  29.330.1
Results (overview): foreign trade: imports, exports and percentage change; 2019 (final results)
Foreign trade: imports, exports with balance; 2019 (final results)

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