Survey on Coding according to OENACE 2008

This survey was performed one time only in 2007.

For the implementation of the new activity-classification OENACE 2008 it was necessary to recode all enterprises in the business register of Statistics Austria from OENACE 2003 to OENACE 2008. In many cases this was possible without requesting the enterprises for further information.

For different fields of activity, which will be available in much more detail in the new classification as well as for sectors that were completely restructured in the new classification specific steps were necessary. This referred to 12 different activity areas mostly in services. In total about 12 000 enterprises were asked to provide data on their range of activities in order to derive their main activity according to the new classification. The enterprises received paper questionnaires, but could also answer using a web-form.

Total response burden for this survey amounted to some 6 300 hours.

Survey on Coding according to OENACE 2008
OENACE 2003Number of Enterprises with reporting obligationResponse Burden in Hours
FConstruction1 500300
JFinancial intermediation6 000479
KReal estate, renting and business activities24 8004 537
MEducation3 000318
OOther community, social and personal service activities6 700678
Overall42 0006 312