Survey on Research and Development

The survey on research and development is performed every second year, the latest survey was carried out in 2018. Response Burden for the survey on research and development increased from 10 794 hours in 2016 to 11 101 hours in the year 2018 (i.e. +2.8 per cent), the sampling population was 3 433 enterprises (3 519 in 2016).

Starting in 2002 (reporting period) the survey on research and development was performed every second year. However, after the year 2006 the survey was exceptionally performed in the year 2007 again. This was necessary, in order to comply with the European legal acts.

For reasons of reducing response burden 21 per cent of respondents received a short questionnaire on the most important R&D indicators only. Since 2012 enterprises have to submit their questionnaires electronically.