Industrial Producer Price Index

The Industrial Producer Price Index (IPPI) is an important short term indicator for the domestic economy that is designed to measure price trends for all goods that are produced by industries and sold on the market (total, domestic and foreign markets). The index includes activities in ÖNACE 2008 Sections B–E. Prices are measured on the basis of price information for goods that have been produced and sold by manufacturing establishments in the industry specified above, regardless of whether production was characteristic or non-characteristic. The price is based on the ex-factory price without VAT, which is the price that the business unit charges the customer (transaction price). An obligation to report producer prices came into effect in the year 2006. Since then the Survey on Industrial Producer Prices was included into the response burden barometer. The number of enterprises selected in the sample was 1 531 in 2019.

The response burden for the Industrial Producer Price Index amounted to 3 824 hours in 2019.