Press release: 12.455-046/21

Wine production increased to 2.40 million hectolitres in 2020; stock remained high

Vienna, 2021-03-02 – In 2020, 2.40 million hectolitres (hl) of wine were produced, according to Statistics Austria. This corresponds roughly to the five-year production average (+2%), and means a slight increase (+3%) compared to the wine production in 2019. The harvest comprised 1.65 million hl of white wine (+1% to 2019) and 751 600 hl of red wine (+7% to 2019).

Burgenland yielded significantly higher amounts of wine than in 2019 due to more favourable weather conditions (+9%); the wine production in Lower Austria (+2%) and Vienna (+3%) increased whereas in Styria a slight decrease was observed (-1%)

Concerning the wine products, the amount of "Qualitätswein/Prädikatswein" rose to 2.21 million hl (+4% to 2019) and the quantity of "Wein/Landwein" decreased to 151 400 hl (-1% to 2019).

According to the wine stock survey 2020, a stock of 2.93 million hl (-2% to 2019) of wine products was noted. The volume of stored white wines (1.72 million hl) remained at the same level as in 2019 (±0%) whereas the stock of red wines (1.21 million hl; -4%) decreased. The capacity of "Qualitätswein/Prädikatswein" decreased to 2.35 million hl (-3% to 2019) and the stock of "Wein/Landwein" increased to 313 200 hl (+6% to 2019).

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