Press release: 12.208-038/20

Wine production in 2019 at five-year average with 2.32 million hectolitres

Vienna, 2020-03-02 – In 2019, 2.32 million hectolitres (hl) of wine were produced, according to Statistics Austria. This corresponds to the five-year production average (+1%), but means a reduction (-16%) compared to the notably high wine production in 2018. The harvest comprised 1.62 million hl of white wine (-13% to 2018) and 700 000 hl of red wine (-22% to 2018).

The unusually warm weather in June and a relatively hot and dry summer had a positive influence on the quality of the grapes, but also resulted in smaller grapes. Lower Austria (-12%), Burgenland (-28%) and Vienna (-15%) yielded lower amounts of wine than in 2018, whereas the wine production in Styria remained at the same level as in 2018 due to more favourable precipitation conditions.

Concerning the wine products, the amount of "Qualitätswein/Prädikatswein" fell to 2.14 million hl (-16% to 2018) and the quantity of "Wein/Landwein" decreased to 152 900 hl (-4% to 2018).

According to the wine stock survey 2019, a stock of 2.98 million hl (+12% to 2018) of wine products was noted. Both the volume of stored white wines (1.73 million hl; +14%) and the stock of red wines (1.26 million hl; +10%) increased. The capacity of "Qualitätswein/Prädikatswein" increased to 2.43 million hl (+13% to 2018) and the stock of "Wein/Landwein" to 296 200 hl (+9% to 2018).

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