Participation of government in the capital of corporations, General government and Subsectors, Austria
Financial asset class1)/Indicator: Participation of government (>0,01% of GDP) in the capital of corporations /Sector1)/NACE2)Total general government
of which by government subsectors
central government
state government
local government
social security funds
Equity and investment fund shares AF.5 (S.1+S.2, Total economy and rest of the world)69.14940.99617.2959.1811.677
equity and investment fund shares, foreign assets (S.2), AF.53.0382.6063252384
equity and investment fund shares, domestic assets (S.1), AF.566.11038.39016.9709.1581.593
Investment fund shares, AF.529.4891.5385.6108441.496
Equity, AF.5156.62136.85211.3608.31496
of which government participation >0,001% of GDP in the capital of corporations3) (A+B)51.11234.9689.4606.6850
A: public 44.85929.3448.8306.6850
S.11: Non-financial corporations30.39115.8157.8916.6850
NACE: A - 02.10 - Silviculture and other forestry activities213213000
NACE: B - 06.1 Extraction of crude petroleum 00000
NACE: D - 35 Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply 11.8196.9384.4494320
NACE: H - Transporting and storage 6.8986.25706400
NACE: H - 52.2 - Support activities for transportation 4.5254.525000
NACE: L - 68.2 Renting and operating of own or leased real estate2.7161251.4671.1230
NACE: M - 70.1 Activities of head offices 8.7462.2821.9744.4890
S.12: Financial corporations14.46813.52993900
NACE: K - 64.11 National Bank13.52913.529000
NACE: K - 64.19 Other monetary intermediation 939093900
B: private6.2535.62463000
S.11: Non-financial corporations6.1895.62456500
NACE: H - 52.2 Support activities for transportation565056500
NACE: M - 70.1 Activities of head offices 5.5175.517000
NACE: R - 92 Gambling and betting activities106106000
S.12: Financial corporations6406400
NACE: K - Financial and Insurance Activities6406400