Index of wholesale prices

The index of wholesale prices is part of a system of indices that along with the producer price index, the import price index and the consumer price index monitors the price development on the different markets. The purpose of the wholesale price index (WPI) is to reflect price trends for goods that are sold by wholesale enterprises.

The prices of the 384 items contained in the basket of goods are surveyed at around 470 wholesale enterprises, which provide approx. 2400 wholesale selling prices (exclusive VAT) every month.

The wholesale price index is used by both public authorities and domestic and foreign companies for a large number of commercial contracts and valorisations. The wholesale price index also serves as a deflator for the monthly wholesale turnover indices, for value-related production data and in the context of National Accounts. Parts of the wholesale price index are used to compile the construction cost index.

The index of wholesale prices is currently calculated and published on the base year 2015=100. Chain factors (PDF, only German) can be used to continue index series for the overall index, the group indices and special breakdowns of the wholesale price index 2015=100, taking 2010, 2005, 2000, 1996, 1986 and 1976 as the base years.

Detailed descriptions of the current wholesale price index can be found in the standard documentation (PDF, only German).

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