Price index for machinery 2008

The price index for machinery is a subindex of the price index for capital investments. This subindex comprises the “Machinery and equipment n.e.c.” ÖCPA product group, which is defined in five subgroups (CPA 281, 282, 283, 284 and 289). The “Machinery and equipment n.e.c.” product group is based on information from more than 150 companies, which provide the data on a voluntary basis.

These specific machine price indices provide companies with important guidance when they are negotiating offer prices, and can also be used for capital cost reports and valorisation guarantees. They are also used as a general indicator of inflation in the machinery sector.

Since the required weighting schemes are derived from the aligned supply and use matrices in National Accounts, which are only available with a certain time delay (for example: turnover tax statistics, where the data used is approx. two years behind the year under review for the “price index for capital investments”), the weighting for the last five years under review was also kept constant.

With the results year 2008 (2005 = 100), it was possible to calculate final aligned data from the supply and use matrices for 2003 for yearly weightings of the price index for machinery.

Chaining coefficients - Price index for machinery
Price Index for Machinery on CPA 2015-Classifications

Price Index for Machinery on CPA 2015-Classifications (Base = 2005)
Price Index for Machinery on CPA 2008-Classifications (Base = 2005)

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