The object of price statistics is to measure price development and the price level on the key goods markets of a national economy. Goods in this context may be both products and services. Frequently, the task is to measure price development over time, while a spatial price comparison is geared to calculating price level differences between regions.

Price indices serve as a suitable instrument for measuring prices, and depict price ratios in the period under review compared to the previous or base period; in the case of a spatial comparison, they measure the price level of one region relative to a comparison region. Price indices are usually calculated at very short time intervals (monthly, quarterly) and are thus key short term indicators. For the general public they serve as a measure of overall price changes. They are furthermore used for macroeconomic analyses and form the basis for many decisions concerning economic and monetary policy. Viewed in the longer term (annual, longer times series), they provide information about the stability of monetary value, one of the reasons why they are often also consulted with respect to valorisation in contracts (indexation clauses).

Price developments are measured at the different stages of the economic process. At the production stage, there are producer price indices for agricultural and forestry products, for industrial (commercial) products, for business services, and for the construction industry. At the distribution stage, there are the wholesale price indices and the foreign trade price indices (import price indices, export price indices).

As an indicator of the average price change of all goods and services bought and/or used by households for consumption purposes, the consumer price index serves as the measure of inflation. The harmonised index of consumer prices, which is more suitable for international comparisons, is subject to a slightly different methodological concept and is used in the EU context to calculate average EU or Eurozone inflation. At the intermediary level (investors), the price indices for machinery reflect price trends relating to goods which companies invest during the production process.  

Finally, purchasing power parities (PPPs) are calculated in order to measure the purchasing power of the domestic euro abroad. They are nothing more than the price ratios for comparable goods and services in Austria and abroad. They can be used to calculate the relative price level of goods and services in different countries on the base of a common basket of goods.

Why not just one price index?

Together, the price indices listed above form a system of indices that not only allows price development on the different markets to be monitored and portrayed statistically, but also, and most importantly, enables conclusions to be drawn about price trends in the economy as a whole. The fact that goods and services at the individual economic stages are subject to a value added process means that the individual price indices are never independent but, rather, interdependent. This fact is of importance to economic analysts and forecasters, because it provides information, for example as to whether and to what extent increases in raw material prices impact on consumer prices.

All of the indices referred to above are based on the Laspeyres method, which means that the current prices of a pre-defined range of goods and/or services (“basket of goods”) are compared to those of the base period (price in base year = 100), with the weighting remaining constant. The base period can be either December of the given year (chained index) or an earlier period (fixed-base index). For all price indices it is important that the computation takes account of the pure price changes only; in other words, changes in all other parameters of a product or service must be eliminated or excluded (quality adjustment). The detailed price ratios (index numbers) calculated in this way are used to calculate weighted average index numbers and -via subsequent aggregation stages- an overall price index using information on the relative share of the individual goods in terms of sales and expenditure (their weighting).

30.11.2020Industrial producer prices decreased by 1.5% in October 2020PDF35 KB
18.11.2020Inflation decreased to 1.3% in October 2020 (HICP: 1.1%)PDF33 KB
13.11.2020Decreasing costs for road and bridge construction in October 2020PDF31 KB
10.11.2020Construction prices increased in all construction branches in the third quarter of 2020PDF31 KB
06.11.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 4.1% in October 2020PDF30 KB
30.10.2020Industrial producer prices declined by 1.8% in September 2020PDF36 KB
16.10.2020Inflation increased to 1.5% in September 2020 (HICP: 1.3%)PDF34 KB
15.10.2020Decreasing costs for road and bridge construction in September 2020PDF31 KB
07.10.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 5.0% in September 2020PDF31 KB
30.09.2020Industrial producer prices fell by 1.9% in August 2020PDF35 KB
17.09.2020Inflation decreased to 1.4% in August 2020 (HICP: 1.4%)PDF34 KB
15.09.2020Decreasing costs for road and bridge construction in August 2020PDF31 KB
07.09.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 4.0% in August 2020PDF31 KB
28.08.2020Industrial producer prices fell by 2.1% in July 2020PDF39 KB
19.08.2020Inflation increased to 1.7% in July 2020 (HICP: 1.8%)PDF37 KB
14.08.2020Decreasing costs for road and bridge construction in July 2020PDF33 KB
10.08.2020Construction output price index second quarter 2020: increasing prices in all construction branchesPDF33 KB
07.08.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 4.6% in July 2020PDF33 KB
30.07.2020Industrial producer prices declined by 2.1% in June 2020PDF40 KB
17.07.2020Inflation increased to 1.1% in June 2020 (HICP: 1.1%)PDF37 KB
07.07.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 5.1% in June 2020PDF33 KB
30.06.2020Industrial producer prices went down by 2.7% in May 2020PDF34 KB
17.06.2020Inflation decreased to 0.7% in May 2020 (HICP: 0.6%)PDF37 KB
15.06.2020Decreasing costs in almost all construction branches in May 2020PDF34 KB
05.06.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 7.9% in May 2020PDF34 KB
29.05.2020Real estate prices continue to rise in 2019PDF136 KB
29.05.2020Industrial producer prices fell by 2.4% in April 2020PDF39 KB
20.05.2020Inflation decreased to 1.5% in April 2020 (HICP: 1.5%)PDF36 KB
15.05.2020Construction costs for roads and bridges again decreased in April 2020PDF71 KB
08.05.2020Construction output price index first quarter 2020: increasing prices in all construction branchesPDF69 KB
07.05.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 6.9% in April 2020PDF30 KB
30.04.2020Industrial producer prices went down by 1.5% in March 2020PDF34 KB
17.04.2020Inflation decreased to 1.6% in March 2020 (HICP: 1.6%)PDF31 KB
15.04.2020Construction costs for roads and bridges again decreased in March 2020PDF71 KB
07.04.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 4.7% in March 2020PDF30 KB
18.03.2020Inflation increased to 2.2% in February 2020 (HICP: 2.2%)PDF35 KB
13.03.2020Slight cost decreases in road and bridge construction in February 2020PDF81 KB
06.03.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 1.2% in February 2020PDF34 KB
28.02.2020Industrial producer prices decreased by 0.3% in January 2020PDF39 KB
21.02.2020Inflation increased to 2.0% in January 2020 (HICP: 2.2%)PDF35 KB
14.02.2020Slight cost increases in almost all construction branches in January 2020PDF81 KB
10.02.2020Increasing construction prices for all branches in 2019PDF82 KB
07.02.2020Wholesale price index increased by 0.7% in January 2020PDF34 KB
30.01.2020Annual rate of industrial producer prices was 0.1% higher in 2019 than in 2018PDF39 KB
17.01.2020Average annual inflation rate of consumer prices at +1.5% in 2019 (HICP: 1.5%)PDF141 KB
17.01.2020Inflation increased to 1.7% in December 2019 (HICP: 1.8%)PDF34 KB
15.01.2020Increasing construction costs for all construction branches in 2019PDF80 KB
07.01.2020Wholesale price index 2019 remained unchanged compared to 2018PDF82 KB
30.12.2019Industrial producer prices fell by 1.1% in November 2019PDF39 KB
18.12.2019Inflation remains at 1.1% in November 2019 (HICP: 1.2%)PDF35 KB
13.12.2019Construction costs for roads and bridges again decreased in November 2019PDF83 KB
06.12.2019Wholesale price index decreased by 2.7% in November 2019PDF34 KB
29.11.2019Industrial producer prices went down by 1.4% in October 2019PDF38 KB
15.11.2019Construction costs for roads and bridges decreased in October 2019 in annual comparisonPDF83 KB
15.11.2019Inflation decreased to 1.1% in October 2019 (HICP: 1.0%)PDF35 KB
08.11.2019Construction output price index third quarter 2019: increasing prices in all construction branchesPDF82 KB
06.11.2019Wholesale price index decreased by 2.8% in October 2019PDF34 KB
30.10.2019Industrial producer prices decreased by 1.1% in September 2019PDF38 KB
16.10.2019Inflation decreased to 1.2% in September 2019 (HICP: 1.2%)PDF35 KB
15.10.2019Slight increases in construction costs across almost all construction branches in September 2019PDF83 KB
07.10.2019Wholesale price index decreased by 1.5% in September 2019PDF34 KB
18.09.2019Inflation increased to 1.5% in August 2019 (HICP: 1.4%)PDF35 KB
13.09.2019Construction costs slightly higher in August 2019 in almost all construction branchesPDF83 KB
06.09.2019Wholesale price index decreased by 1.2% in August 2019PDF34 KB
30.08.2019Industrial producer prices declined by 0.2% in July 2019PDF38 KB
19.08.2019Inflation decreased to 1.4% in July 2019 (HICP: 1.4%)PDF35 KB
09.08.2019Increasing output prices for all construction branches in the second quarter of 2019PDF82 KB
07.08.2019Wholesale price index in July 2019: -0.3% compared to July 2018PDF34 KB
30.07.2019Industrial producer prices fell by 0.2% in June 2019PDF37 KB
17.07.2019Inflation decreased to 1.6% in June 2019 (HICP: 1.6%)PDF35 KB
15.07.2019Construction cost index June 2019: continued increase in annual comparisonPDF83 KB
28.06.2019Industrial producer prices increased by 0.8% in May 2019PDF36 KB
24.06.2019Austrian Euro abroad in 2019: highest purchasing power in Eastern and Southern Europe; Turkey best value-for-money holiday destinationPDF42 KB
18.06.2019Inflation remains at 1.7% in May 2019 (HICP: 1.7%)PDF35 KB
14.06.2019Increasing construction costs for all construction branches in May 2019PDF83 KB
06.06.2019Wholesale price index in May 2019: +1.1% compared to May 2018PDF34 KB
31.05.2019Average Real Estate Prices for the year 2018PDF138 KB
17.05.2019Inflation decreased to 1.7% in April 2019 (HICP: 1.7%)PDF35 KB
10.05.2019Construction output prices increased significantly in the first quarter of 2019PDF37 KB
07.05.2019Wholesale price index in April 2019: +2.2% compared to April 2018PDF34 KB
30.04.2019Industrial producer prices increased by 1.5% in March 2019PDF36 KB
17.04.2019Inflation increased to 1.8% in March 2019 (HICP: 1.7%)PDF35 KB
15.04.2019Construction costs increased in March 2019 in annual comparisonPDF83 KB
05.04.2019Wholesale price index in March 2019: +2.9% compared to March 2018PDF34 KB
29.03.2019Industrial producer prices rose by 1.6% in February 2019PDF36 KB
26.03.2019House Price Index rose by 4.7% in 2018PDF34 KB
15.03.2019Further increase of construction costs in February 2019PDF83 KB
15.03.2019Inflation decreased to 1.5% in February 2019 (HICP: 1.4%)PDF35 KB
07.03.2019Wholesale price index in February 2019: +2.3% compared to February 2018PDF34 KB
01.03.2019Industrial producer prices went up by 1.6% in January 2019PDF35 KB
22.02.2019Inflation decreased to 1.7% in January 2019 (HICP: 1.7%)PDF35 KB
15.02.2019Further increase of construction costs in January 2019PDF83 KB
08.02.2019Price increases for all construction branches in 2018PDF82 KB
07.02.2019Wholesale price index in January 2019: +0.8% compared to January 2018PDF34 KB
30.01.2019Industrial producer prices increased by 1.9% in December 2018; annual rate 2018: +2.4%PDF35 KB
17.01.2019Inflation decreased to 1.9% in December 2018 (HICP: 1.7%)PDF35 KB
17.01.2019Average annual inflation rate of consumer prices at 2.0% in 2018 (HICP: 2.1%)PDF141 KB
15.01.2019Increasing construction costs for all construction branches in 2018PDF82 KB
07.01.2019Wholesale price index rose by 2.2% in December 2018 and by 4.2% year-on-year 2017/2018PDF82 KB

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