Time series

At EU level, Regulation (EC) No. 1158/2005 amending Council Regulation (EC) No. 1165/98 concerning short term statistics, Annex A, established a legal framework for the EU-wide compilation of import price indices. Austria’s part in the European sample comprise price indices for the following classes of ÖCPA 2002 which are currently calculated and submitted to Eurostat on a monthly base:

  • 15.12 Fresh and preserved poultry meat
  • 20.30 Builders’ joinery and carpentry, of wood
  • 26.13 Hollow glass
  • 28.11 Metal structures and parts of structures
  • 28.74 Fasteners, screw machine products, chain and springs
  • 31.61 Electrical equipment for engines and vehicles n.e.c.
  • 32.20 Television and radio transmitters; apparatus for line telephony and telegraphy
  • 36.40 Sports goods
  • 36.61 Imitation jewellery
  • 40.11 Electricity

Coverage is limited to the import of goods from non-Eurozone countries.

The survey and the coverage of the Austrian import price index will be extended in a subsequent phase. This extended version will be both an overall index comprising ÖCPA Sections A-E and indexes for subsections and divisions, and will be published quarterly. The first results are expected to be available at the beginning of 2009.

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