Press release: 12.062-128/19

Inflation decreased to 1.6% in June 2019 (HICP: 1.6%)

Vienna, 2019-07-17 – In June 2019, the inflation rate was 1.6% (May 2019 1.7%), as Statistics Austria reports. Cheaper fuels were mainly responsible for the decrease of the June inflation rate, while in May fuels became more expensive. Expenditures for housing, water and energy (+3.1% compared to June 2018) proved to be the most important price driver, followed by expenditures for restaurants and hotels (+3.1%). The index level of the consumer price index 2015 (CPI 2015) was 106.8 in June. Compared to the previous month May, the average price level increased by 0.1%.

The index level of the harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP 2015) was 107.11 in June 2019, (May 2019: 107.18 revised) with the harmonised inflation rate amounting to 1.6%.

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