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The “Statistische Nachrichten” presents the latest results from all areas of official statistics and provides important basic information on the economy and society in Austria.

In this monthly issued publication Statistics Austria’s experts present the latest figures from all areas of official statistics. Clearly laid-out tables – supplemented by diagrams and cartograms – are annotated in detail with respect to both methodology and content, and are arranged according to context. The provision of detailed meta information makes it easier to interpret the statistical information available and to utilise the full content of information. This enables quality to be assessed more accurately, which ultimately helps to prevent misinterpretations. Regular reports provide current information on the latest economic trends, and scientific analytical articles are available for interested readers from the fields of science and research.

With the January issue, subscribers receive a comprehensive CD-ROM of all issues of the previous three years. In addition, all the tables on the CD-ROM are provided in a form that can be electronically processed (in Excel format). You can order the “Statistische Nachrichten“ in our Publikationskatalog.

To provide an overview of the articles published in recent years, the tables of contents can be viewed below.

Annual tables of contents

Contents of the year 2022 (PDF, 0.5 MB KB)

Contents of the years 2006-2021 (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Short summaries of articles issued in the "Statistische Nachrichten" over the last twelve months

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