My LINK to STATcube Database does not work anymore, what shall I do?

As we provide STATcube in a new version, please change your link:

Old: http://statcube.at/superwebguest/login.do?guest=guest&db=<database_id>

New: http://statcube.at/statcube/opendatabase?id=<database_id>

Example of the link to the database “People“:

Old: http://statcube.at/superwebguest/login.do?guest=guest&db=depeople

New: http://statcube.at/statcube/opendatabase?id=depeople

For further informations please contact the STATcube Support, phone:+43 1 711 28-7378


Supported browsers: Chrome - latest version, Firefox - latest version, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 7. Java-Script support in browser has to be enabled, recommended screen resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels or more.

SUB: I received no subscription-key. Why?

Please always use a valid e-mail -address. This e-mail -address is going to be used for all e-mails concerning STATcube.

SUB: When do I get my subscription key?

In case of successful payment the subscription key will be sent by e-mail immediately.

SUB: Where do I find my subscription key?

You will find the product key in the sent e-mail below the word Product key.

SUB: When do I get my bill?

You will receive the bill by mail within approx. 7 workdays.

SUB: What does ELV mean?

If you choose bank collection you will see “ELV Überweisungsart” in the HOBEX-form. In English you call that direct debit.

SUB: Start of subscription period

The subscription provides access limited in time and volume (see Terms of Use item 2.2). This stands for

  • a validity of either 14 days, 92 days or of 366 days starting with activation.
  • During this period of validity STATcube may be accessed as frequently as desired.
  • The bought subscription key has to be activated within a period of 366 days after buying.

SUB: Calculation of consumed data volume

The subscription provides access limited in time and volume (see Terms of Use item 2.2). This signifies the following:

  • The building and alteration of a table in STATcube is not included by default in the calculation of data volume used. When you click on the button “retrieve data” or on the circular symbol to the right of the button retrieve data, you will initiate the calculation of the volume of data retrieved. This circular symbol can be activated / deactivated.
  • Numerical values must differ from zero to be counted. Empty and secret data or total cells are not counted.
  • This use is recorded and displayed in per cents.

SUB: End of subscription

You will be informed by e-mail in time that your subscription is going to expire. The subscription homepage also includes a note (column valid until). There is no automatic renewal.

SUB: Handling of residual data volume when subscription has expired

The subscription provides access limited in time and volume (see Terms of Use item 2.6).

If you wish a renewal you have to purchase a new subscription for the desired period. In this connection, please note the following:

  • If you activate the newly purchased subscription during the period of the still active subscription accumulation is carried out with regard to volume but not with regard to time.
  • If you activate the newly purchased subscription after the subscription has expired the residual volume of the expired subscription lapses.

Example: If your subscription expires at the end of the month and you have not consumed your entire data volume, as yet, activating your subscription on the last but one day of the subscription period will add the unused data volume to the overall volume of your new subscription.

SUB: Information on volume use and subscription period still available

The STATcube initial screen displays the number and kind of available subs, the pertaining validity, the use in % as well as the available data volume in total.

SUB: When use is concerned 0% is still displayed

Use is still displayed in % relating to the overall volume, mathematically rounded and without decimal points.

Example: In case of an available data volume of 6 000 000 data consumption must exceed 30 000 cells for reaching 1% of the per cent data.

SUB: Differences between users with/without subscription with regard to table dimensions

For the determined table dimensions please see the Quick help. We recommend dividing larger queries into several tables.

SUB: One subscription – several users

The Terms of Use provide that, to one subscription only one user may be registered (see Terms of Use items 2.5 and 3.2).

SUB: Purchase of subscriptions on invoice

Payment is possible via credit card or by bank collection.

SUB: Kind of portal access to be used

Users from the public area should preferably use the access via portal interconnection. In this case, please address the portal developers of the authority responsible for you to arrange the activation of STATcube for your portal.

The support of the statistics portal can be of help with regard to problems connected with a portal user registered with Statistics Austria (forgotten password, etc.).

Note: If you use an e-mail address ending at “gv.at” your subscription access is possible exclusively via portal interconnection.

SUB: Renewal of subscription – how to?

Information about the handling of residual data volume you find at FAQ: “SUB: Handling of residual data volume when subscription has expired”


You don’t have to register for the new subscription. Just login with your account (email-address) and fill in the new validation key at the login screen.

PORTAL: Login is not possible – why?

Usually Portal user IDs are in the form of an e-mail address. If you try to login using an ISIS-Database user ID this will not work. Please register for a new user or contact your portal administration.

PORTAL: Download does not work – why?

If when trying to download a message as the following appears:

“xxx cannot be downloaded”. 
The internet site could not be opened. It is either not available or could not be found. Please try again later.

To modify settings please proceed as follows:

  • Open menu Extras/Internet options/Extended
  • Do not store encrypted sites on data carriers/Setting has to be selected

Save setting, download should be possible now.

STATcube: Why do I get the German version of the cube from the English site?

The language depends on the language set in your Internet Browser (language set on “German”).

You also can switch the language in STATcube itself by clicking on the black field in the menue.

STATcube: How do I change my custom data definition when it figures in a stored table?

When you change the definition of a variable that you have already once defined inside “custom data”, without changing the name of this variable that figures inside a stored table, then you have to as follows: 1. Open the stored table with the custom data definition inside. 2. Drag&Drop this custom data definition in the trash. 3. Retrieve the new defined custom data from the selection window and drop it again into the table. 4. Retrieve Data. Now the table calculates the data with the new definition.

Maintenance window

Between 4:00 a.m. (CET) and 6:00 a.m. (CET) STATcube may be not available due to planned maintenance work.