Customer Defined Polygons

Statistics Austria provides aggregated data of any customer defined polygons. Georeferenced data is used as basis for these aggregations independently from administrative boundaries. These data can refer to the number of buildings and their characteristics, the number of residents, etc. Of course, the confidentiality criteria have to be met.


Please e-mail any orders for data to: 

Available Data

Statistics Austria currently offers a range of data packages:Data packages for customer defined polygons (PDF, 137KB)

Confidentiality criteria to be met: Characteristics relating to the resident population and to buildings are released only if at least 31 persons with main residence (resident population) and 4 buildings are present in the polygon.

Terms of Use

In terms of using data based on customer defined polygons, Statistics Austria differentiates between “internal use”, “commercial use excluding resale” and “commercial use including resale”. In order to use the data, the customer must sign the relevant Terms of use (PDF, 102KB). The data may only be used within the scope of the agreed use.