Tourismus in Österreich 2020

Order number:20-5950-20

Release date: 04/2021

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Tourismus in Österreich 2020

Based on scientifically high quality statistics and analyses, Statistics Austria provides a comprehensive and objective picture of Austrian society and the economy. These facts and figures are the foundation for a fact-oriented public debate, empirical research and evidence-based decision-making in society, politics and the economy, for example on the challenges in the labour market, in education and in social and economic policy.

The guest numbers from Austria and abroad, as well as, the nights spent and the structure of the Austrian accommodation establishments form an important basis for the planning and analysis of the development of this important area of the Austrian economy. The detailed regional breakdown makes the accommodation statistic a reference work for municipalities and local tourism institutions.

The guest numbers are presented at the municipal level, broken down by countries of origin and seasons. In addition information concerning the number of beds by type of accommodation, occupancy ratios, cure and city tourism and the Austrian position in international tourism can be found. By means of specific measures of tourism a global overview is offered, but also information on specific areas is provided. Selected results are shown in time series.

This publication is also available on CD-ROM.