Kulturstatistik 2017

Order number:20-1660-17

Release date: 06/2019

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Kulturstatistik 2017

Based on a broad frame of reference that draws on international guidelines, this publication provides information on the wide variety of cultural establishments and events and participation therein and gives a comprehensive overview of public funding for culture and of the economic effect of culture.

The range of topics covered extends from cultural heritage through the arts to the media, and also includes interdisciplinary topics such as training and continuing education. As well as our own surveys in specific fields a large number of secondary sources have been used that enable analysis of the economic importance of the cultural sector. Basic definitions and sources are given in the text.

Presentation of the data is modelled on the LIKUS taxonomy of cultural promotion which has been developed in recent years. At the same time, the way is left open for a European comparison as is currently being drawn up at EU level.

All publication tables and introductions to the sections are accessible in its latest version on Statistics Austria's website, where the results have been published from September 2018 onward.

This publication is available in German only.