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The complete press releases of the previous year and all those hitherto issued in the current year are listed below in chronological order. The time interval and/or the subject matter can be selected using the filters.

07.12.2021International trade in goods in September 2021 shows strong growth in comparison to September 2020; imports +20.6%, exports +15.9%PDF40 KB
06.12.2021Total wage tax revenue for 2020 decreased by 3.0%, gross earnings rose by 1.5%PDF39 KB
06.12.2021Wholesale price index increased by 16.6% in November 2021PDF37 KB
03.12.2021Retail with turnover increase in the first three quarters of 2021; services sector stagnatesPDF36 KB
02.12.2021Number of deaths remains below level of 2020PDF39 KB
01.12.2021Statistics Austria's updated Catalogue of Research Institutions contains information on 3 353 R&D performing institutionsPDF51 KB
30.11.2021Industrial producer prices increased by 13.9% in October 2021PDF38 KB
30.11.2021Inflation in November 2021 expected at 4.3% according to flash estimatePDF46 KB
30.11.2021Turnover in industry and construction in October 2021 rose by 13.9% compared to October 2020 and by 11.1% compared to October 2019PDF43 KB
29.11.2021Hospital discharges in 2020: almost one fifth fewer inpatient stays than in 2019PDF39 KB
26.11.2021Population forecast: the nine-million mark is expected to be reached in 2022; as of this year, there are more senior citizens than people under 20 living in AustriaPDF66 KB
26.11.2021Fruit harvest 2021: Late frost and cold led to lower pome and stone fruit harvestPDF38 KB
26.11.2021Labour force projection: share of labour force in total population declinesPDF67 KB
26.11.2021Final energy consumption decreased by 8% in 2020PDF46 KB
26.11.2021Summer season 2021 ends positively compared to 2020, still below pre-crisis level of 2019PDF47 KB
25.11.2021Number of deaths on highest level so far for 2021PDF40 KB
19.11.202160 years of road accident statistics: 3.5 million people killed or injured on Austria's roadsPDF52 KB
18.11.2021Number of deaths increases againPDF40 KB
17.11.2021Inflation increased to 3.7% in October 2021 (HICP: 3.7%) PDF39 KB
16.11.2021Naturalisations increased by 21.1% during the first three quarters of 2021, compared to the same period in 2019 only 0.9% higherPDF41 KB
16.11.2021High residential construction activity in Austria; housing stock grew to an estimated 4.9 million at the end of 2020 PDF55 KB
15.11.2021Construction costs continue to rise in October 2021PDF37 KB
11.11.2021COVID-19 vaccinations: 84% of all employees of the Federal Ministry of the Interior are vaccinatedPDF39 KB
11.11.2021Record low in traffic fatalities in the first half of 2021; historic maximum in cyclist casualtiesPDF60 KB
11.11.2021Economic importance of tourism varies from region to region; three federal provinces are above the Austrian average in 2018PDF76 KB
10.11.2021Production index in September 2021 increased by 3.3% compared to September 2020PDF37 KB
10.11.2021Construction prices continued to rise in the third quarter of 2021PDF37 KB
10.11.2021New passenger car registrations from January to October 2021 at the previous year's level, but by more than one forth below 2019PDF54 KB
09.11.2021International trade in goods in August 2021 shows strong growth in comparison to August 2020; imports +24.8%, exports +19.8%PDF41 KB
09.11.2021Bankruptcies in the third quarter of 2021 below pre-crisis levels; declining dynamics in registrationsPDF39 KB
05.11.2021Turnover in Austrian retail trade increased by 4.9% in the first nine months of 2021PDF38 KB
05.11.2021Wholesale price index increased by 15.8% in October 2021PDF37 KB
04.11.2021Number of deaths remains slightly elevatedPDF40 KB
03.11.2021Private internet use reaches a new peakPDF197 KB
03.11.2021COVID-19 vaccination status: 82% of university students were already fully immunised at the end of SeptemberPDF41 KB
29.10.2021Number of nights spent in September 2021 at pre-crisis levelPDF42 KB
29.10.2021Inflation in October 2021 expected at 3.6% according to flash estimatePDF46 KB
29.10.2021Industrial producer prices went up by 10.5% in September 2021PDF39 KB
28.10.2021Turnover in industry and construction for September 2021 significantly above pre-crisis level (+21.4%); transport volume in road freight transport increased in the third quarter of 2021 PDF45 KB
21.10.2021COVID-19 vaccination status: 43% of pupils and 84% of teachers were already fully immunised at the end of September PDF42 KB
20.10.2021Inflation increased to 3.3% in September 2021 (HICP: 3.3%) PDF39 KB
19.10.2021Enterprises are becoming more digital, technologies more intelligentPDF182 KB
15.10.2021Construction costs continue to rise in September 2021PDF37 KB
14.10.2021Transport volume on Austrian roads decreased by 7.7% in 2020PDF52 KB
12.10.2021Game shot decreased remarkably in the hunting season 2020/2021PDF52 KB
11.10.2021One-fifth fewer new passenger car registrations in September 2021PDF53 KB
08.10.2021Production index in August 2021 increased by 8.6% compared to August 2020PDF37 KB
08.10.2021Emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases reduced overall since 1995; emissions of climate-relevant CO2 and ammonia slightly rosePDF47 KB
07.10.2021Wholesale price index increased by 13.5% in September 2021PDF36 KB
06.10.2021International trade in goods in July 2021: strong growth in comparison to July 2020; imports and exports returned to pre-crisis level of July 2019PDF40 KB
06.10.2021Wages and salaries in trade and services increased in the first half of 2021PDF38 KB
05.10.2021Foreign Affiliates 2019: little changes in the pre-Corona yearPDF40 KB
01.10.2021COVID-19 vaccination status: 79% of university students were already fully immunised at the end of AugustPDF41 KB
01.10.202182.000 minor children in Austria living in households with single mothers receive child support from the fatherPDF40 KB
01.10.2021Inflation in September 2021 expected at 3.2% according to flash estimatePDF46 KB
30.09.2021Number of deaths slightly elevatedPDF38 KB
30.09.2021Industrial producer prices rose by 9.5% in August 2021PDF38 KB
30.09.2021Turnover in industry and construction in August 2021 rose by 24.6% compared to August 2020 and by 17.4% compared to August 2019PDF43 KB
30.09.2021Public Finances at mid-year 2021: government deficit at 7.2% of GDP, government debt at 86.2%PDF61 KB
29.09.2021Increase in area under vines by 1.5% since 2015, but 14% fewer winegrowing enterprisesPDF50 KB
28.09.2021Tourism summer season 2021: 20.7 million nights spent in August mark a record high PDF48 KB
28.09.2021Economy in 2020: historic decline of 6.7%.PDF38 KB
23.09.2021House Price Index rose by 10.7% in the first half 2021PDF38 KB
23.09.2021Number of holiday trips declined in the first half of 2021 despite upturn in the second quarter PDF62 KB
22.09.2021Less, but larger agricultural and forestry holdings, more organic farmsPDF47 KB
17.09.2021Inflation increased to 3.2% in August 2021 (HICP: 3.2%) PDF42 KB
15.09.2021Construction costs continue to rise in August 2021PDF36 KB
14.09.2021Significant increase in university students in the Corona winter semester 2020/21PDF35 KB
14.09.2021Minimum income scheme 2020: number of supported persons decreased by 2.8% to 260 114PDF39 KB
13.09.2021Memberships in sports clubs fell significantly between 2017 and 2020PDF36 KB
10.09.2021Production index increased by 9.7% in July 2021PDF37 KB
09.09.2021Austrian labour market shows significant recovery during second quarter of 2021 PDF41 KB
09.09.2021Average monthly rent was €8.3 per square metre in the second quarter of 2021PDF38 KB
09.09.2021New passenger car registrations in August 2021 decreased; share of alternatively powered passenger cars ahead of petrol and diesel for the first timePDF53 KB
08.09.2021COVID-19 vaccinations: More than 80% of teachers are vaccinated at the start of the school yearPDF40 KB