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The complete press releases of the previous year and all those hitherto issued in the current year are listed below in chronological order. The time interval and/or the subject matter can be selected using the filters.

30.11.2020Turnover in industry and construction decreased by 5.5% in August 2020; January to August 2020 -11.1%; flash estimates for October 2020 show year-on-year decrease in industryPDF43 KB
30.11.2020Economy grew by 12% in third quarter of 2020 compared to previous quarterPDF62 KB
30.11.2020Industrial producer prices decreased by 1.5% in October 2020PDF38 KB
27.11.2020Spring frost reduced fruit harvest 2020, stone fruit mostly affectedPDF39 KB
27.11.2020Tourism summer season 2020: one third fewer nights spent than in the previous season; nights spent by domestic guests at a high levelPDF49 KB
27.11.2020Final energy consumption increased by 1% in 2019PDF50 KB
26.11.2020More than half of the SARS-CoV-2 infections shortly before the second lockdown were unreported casesPDF41 KB
25.11.2020Production index in September 2020 decreased by 1.4% compared to September 2019 PDF37 KB
23.11.2020Social factors have a distinctive impact on healthPDF35 KB
19.11.2020Population forecast 2020: from 2021, more elderly people than children and teenagersPDF63 KB
18.11.2020Number of naturalisations decreased by 16.7% during the first three quarters of 2020PDF40 KB
18.11.2020Inflation decreased to 1.3% in October 2020 (HICP: 1.1%)PDF41 KB
13.11.2020Decreasing costs for road and bridge construction in October 2020PDF36 KB
12.11.2020Corona crisis affects Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) differentlyPDF37 KB
10.11.2020Construction prices increased in all construction branches in the third quarter of 2020PDF37 KB
10.11.2020New passenger car registrations fell by more than a quarter in the period January to October 2020; alternative drive systems continue to gain in importancePDF50 KB
09.11.2020Bankruptcies decreased by 23% in the first half of 2020PDF36 KB
09.11.2020Foreign trade in August 2020 still restrained: imports declined by 5.6%, exports by 7.2%PDF43 KB
06.11.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 4.1% in October 2020PDF36 KB
05.11.2020Turnover in Austrian retail trade increased by 0.4% in the first nine months of 2020 PDF37 KB
03.11.2020Road freight transport volume of Austrian enterprises declined by 1,2% in the third quarter of 2020PDF39 KB
30.10.2020Turnover in industry and construction decreased by 5.8% in July 2020; flash estimates for September 2020 show a sligthtly year-on-year increase in industry and constructionPDF45 KB
30.10.2020Industrial producer prices declined by 1.8% in September 2020PDF38 KB
28.10.2020Rents including running costs rose to €8.0, for newly contracted private rents households pay €10,5 monthly per square metre PDF37 KB
27.10.202014% fewer nights spent in September 2020 despite an increase in resident guests; nights spent in the current summer season 2020 almost a third below the previous year's levelPDF51 KB
23.10.2020Production index in August 2020 declined by 3.3% compared to August 2019 PDF37 KB
22.10.2020 Deaths in the first 41 calendar weeks of 2020 only slightly above the average for 2015 to 2019 PDF42 KB
22.10.2020One in three road deaths in the first half of 2020 due to inappropriate speed; more cyclists involved in accidentsPDF59 KB
19.10.2020Three out of four persons in good or very good health, but also a great number of people with chronic diseasesPDF36 KB
19.10.2020Fewer female smokers, rising obesity among populationPDF37 KB
19.10.2020More than one third fewer one-day registrations of passenger cars in the period January to September 2020PDF50 KB
19.10.2020World Statistics Day 2020: new Economic Monitor provides overview of economic development in AustriaPDF41 KB
16.10.2020Inflation increased to 1.5% in September 2020 (HICP: 1.3%)PDF41 KB
15.10.2020Decreasing costs for road and bridge construction in September 2020PDF37 KB
15.10.2020Used passenger car registrations declined by 4.0% from January to September 2020PDF47 KB
14.10.2020More and more enterprises use cloud servicesPDF178 KB
14.10.2020Transport volume on Austrian roads increased by 4% in 2019PDF52 KB
14.10.2020Corona crisis boosts Internet telephonyPDF144 KB
13.10.2020Holiday trips of Austrians dropped by almost half in the first six months of 2020PDF58 KB
12.10.2020Game shot increased remarkably in the hunting year 2019/2020PDF52 KB
09.10.2020September is first month of 2020 with growth in new car registrations (+5.3%)PDF54 KB
09.10.2020Foreign trade July 2020: exports declined by 6.1%, imports by 15.5%PDF42 KB
09.10.2020Emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases reduced overall since 1995; emissions of climate-relevant CO2 and ammonia slightly rosePDF47 KB
07.10.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 5.0% in September 2020PDF36 KB
05.10.2020Hours worked in trade and services decreased in the first half of 2020PDF36 KB
01.10.2020Foreign Affiliates 2018: small changes in number, clear increases in turnoverPDF41 KB
30.09.2020Industrial producer prices fell by 1.9% in August 2020PDF37 KB
30.09.2020Turnover in industry and construction decreased by 7.3% in June 2020; flash estimates for August 2020 show further year-on-year declines in industryPDF43 KB
30.09.2020Public Finances at mid-year 2020: government deficit at 9.4% of GDP, government debt at 82.6%PDF73 KB
28.09.2020Nights spent in August 2020 down by 11.2% year on year; nearly a quarter more nights spent by resident guestsPDF49 KB
28.09.2020Austrian economy dropped by 12.1% in the second quarter of 2020, growth in 2019 at 1.4%PDF83 KB
25.09.2020Production index in July 2020 declined by 4.4% compared to July 2019 PDF37 KB
25.09.2020Nearly 80% less airline passengers in July and August 2020PDF40 KB
23.09.2020Transport volume by rail fell by almost 20% in the second quarter of 2020; transport volume on the Danube decreased only slightlyPDF39 KB
18.09.2020Emma and Maximilian were the most popular baby names in 2019PDF39 KB
17.09.2020Causes of death 2019: mainly age-related causes; one quarter died due to cancerPDF38 KB
17.09.2020Inflation decreased to 1.4% in August 2020 (HICP: 1.4%)PDF41 KB
15.09.2020Most employees earned between €10 and €15 per hour; strong wage differences by economic sectorsPDF43 KB
15.09.2020Decreasing costs for road and bridge construction in August 2020PDF36 KB
10.09.2020Live births 2019: 30.1% were born by caesarean section; 7.4% preterm birthsPDF37 KB
09.09.2020Austrian labour market during the corona crisis: 3% fewer employees in the second quarter 2020, working hours gradually normalising in JunePDF40 KB
09.09.202030.1% decrease in new passenger car registrations in August 2020PDF47 KB
08.09.2020Statistical Yearbook on Migration & Integration 2020: more than two million people with foreign background in AustriaPDF40 KB
08.09.2020Foreign trade shows first possible signs of recovery: imports and exports in June 2020 each sunk by around 5%PDF42 KB
07.09.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 4.0% in August 2020PDF37 KB
03.09.2020Considerable decrease of turnover in services by 27.9% in the second quarter of 2020PDF37 KB
02.09.202029.8% of women aged 18 to 25 studied at post-secondary institutions in the winter semester 2019/20PDF38 KB
02.09.202016 319 divorces and 121 dissolutions of registered partnerships in 2019PDF38 KB
01.09.2020Minimum income scheme 2019: number of supported persons decreased by 7.6% to 267 683PDF40 KB