Press releases

The complete press releases of the previous year and all those hitherto issued in the current year are listed below in chronological order. The time interval and/or the subject matter can be selected using the filters.

05.06.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 7.9% in May 2020PDF36 KB
04.06.2020Decline in turnover for service enterprises (-5.5%) and trade (-4.1%) in the first quarter of 2020 PDF36 KB
03.06.2020The Austrian labour market during the corona crisis – labour market data of April 2020PDF39 KB
02.06.2020Turnover in industry and construction decreased by 5.1% in January and February 2020; construction +7.8%PDF40 KB
02.06.2020Statistics Austria's new Directorate General as of 1 June 2020PDF46 KB
29.05.2020Transport volume and transport performance by rail decreased in 2019 for the second year in successionPDF38 KB
29.05.2020Real estate prices continue to rise in 2019PDF38 KB
29.05.2020Industrial producer prices fell by 2.4% in April 2020PDF37 KB
28.05.2020Almost one fifth fewer overnight stays in the 2019/20 winter season PDF45 KB
28.05.20201 472 000 persons were at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2019, thereof 303 000 children and young persons below the age of 18PDF43 KB
27.05.2020Road freight transport 2019: transport volume at 402.2 million tonnesPDF38 KB
27.05.2020Environmental industry 2018: €36.9 bn output and 182 963 employeesPDF55 KB
26.05.2020Number of naturalisations decreased by 11.3% in the first quarter of 2020PDF39 KB
25.05.2020Production index in March 2020 declined by 12.1% compared to March 2019PDF37 KB
20.05.2020Two thirds of first-time enrolled students at universities obtain a degree within ten yearsPDF37 KB
20.05.2020Inflation decreased to 1.5% in April 2020 (HICP: 1.5%)PDF41 KB
15.05.2020Construction costs for roads and bridges again decreased in April 2020PDF37 KB
12.05.2020Passenger car registrations fell by two thirds in April 2020PDF47 KB
08.05.2020Construction output price index first quarter 2020: increasing prices in all construction branchesPDF37 KB
08.05.2020Foreign trade January to February 2020: decrease in imports (-6.3%) and exports (-4.9%)PDF40 KB
07.05.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 6.9% in April 2020PDF36 KB
06.05.2020Turnover of Austrian retail trade decreased by 12.9% in March 2020; 29.0% in the non-food areaPDF37 KB
06.05.2020Austrian summer tourism largely depends on German and Austrian guests PDF54 KB
04.05.2020COVID-19 prevalence study: maximum 0.15% of Austrian population infected with SARS-CoV-2PDF57 KB
04.05.2020Turnover in industry and construction decreased by 4.9% in January 2020; construction +5.3%PDF40 KB
30.04.2020Commercial aviation 2019: passenger volume increased by 14.1% compared to 2018PDF43 KB
30.04.2020Industrial producer prices went down by 1.5% in March 2020PDF38 KB
29.04.2020Road traffic accidents 2019: more fatalities, number of fatally injured children increased significantlyPDF52 KB
29.04.2020Crop production in the 2018/19 agricultural year slightly decreasedPDF40 KB
29.04.2020Austrian labour market at the beginning of the corona crisisPDF39 KB
28.04.2020Decreases in current tourism winter season 2019/20 due to lockdown in MarchPDF47 KB
24.04.2020Production index in February 2020 decreased by 2.3% compared to February 2019PDF37 KB
21.04.202085.1% of all students passed the standardised school-leaving examinations in summer 2019PDF40 KB
20.04.2020Almost one third fewer one-day registrations of passenger cars in the first quarter of 2020PDF44 KB
20.04.2020Deaths of older people above average from 16 March to 5 April 2020PDF39 KB
17.04.2020Inflation decreased to 1.6% in March 2020 (HICP: 1.6%)PDF39 KB
16.04.2020Registrations of used passenger cars decreased by 48.7% in March 2020 PDF47 KB
15.04.2020Construction costs for roads and bridges again decreased in March 2020PDF36 KB
09.04.2020New passenger car registrations decreased by one third in the first quarter of 2020PDF47 KB
07.04.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 4.7% in March 2020PDF37 KB
03.04.2020Number of persons employed in trade and in services increased in 2019 PDF37 KB
02.04.202053.2 million overnight stays and 14.5 million arrivals in the current tourism winter season 2019/20PDF51 KB
31.03.2020Public Finances 2019: government surplus at 0.7% of GDP, government debt at 70.4%PDF58 KB
31.03.2020Turnover in industry and construction increased by 1.1% in 2019PDF40 KB
30.03.2020Industrial producer prices fell by 0.8% in February 2020PDF37 KB
27.03.2020Freight transport volume on the river Danube increased by 18.2% in 2019PDF39 KB
25.03.2020Production index in January 2020: +1.2% compared to January 2019PDF37 KB
20.03.2020Living arrangements 2019: One third of population 65 years and older lives alonePDF39 KB
18.03.2020Austrian Labour market 2019: increase in employment, decrease of unemploymentPDF41 KB
18.03.2020Inflation increased to 2.2% in February 2020 (HICP: 2.2%)PDF38 KB
13.03.2020Slight cost decreases in road and bridge construction in February 2020PDF37 KB
10.03.202010.9% decrease of new passenger car registrations in February 2020PDF46 KB
10.03.2020Foreign trade 2019: increase in imports (+1.2%) and exports (+2.5%)PDF39 KB