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Number of holiday trips increased in 2021, but still well below 2019 pre-crisis level

Vienna, 2022-05-04 – In the second Corona year, the number of holiday trips – which includes visits to relatives and friends – increased again despite pandemic-related travel restrictions: 16.1 million holiday trips were undertaken in 2021, about a quarter (+27.6%) more than in 2020; however, this is still about a quarter (-23.9%) below the pre-crisis level of 21.2 million holiday trips in 2019. The number of holiday travelers (aged 15 and over) increased by 9.3% to 5.0 million in 2021 (2020: 4.5 million); this corresponds to a travel intensity of 65.6%. In 2019, there were 5.8 million holiday travelers (travel intensity: 77.8%).

"In the second year of the pandemic, Austrians travelled significantly more than in 2020, but still a quarter less than before Corona. The most important travel motive was visiting relatives and friends. With a share of just under 60% of all holiday trips, domestic travel continued to be highly popular. At the same time, the number of holidays abroad doubled compared to 2020," says Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas.

Most popular foreign destinations in 2021 were Italy, Germany, Croatia

The number of main holiday trips with at least four overnight stays doubled compared to 2020 (+46.9%) to 7.4 million, while short holiday trips (1 to 3 overnight stays) increased by 14.9% to 8.8 million. The share of domestic holiday trips – measured in terms of all holiday trips – fell to 59.3% (2020: 74.1%, 2019: 52.5%). The number of holiday trips abroad doubled from 3.3 million to 6.6 million. Most holiday trips abroad went to Italy (1.9 million holiday trips, 28.2% of holiday trips abroad), followed by 1.1 million holiday trips to Germany (17.4%) and 0.8 million to Croatia (12.5%).

As in 2020, the most frequently cited travel motive was to visit friends and relatives (33.5%), followed by "activity holiday" (18.2%) and "recreation holiday" (16.4%).

Nearly three-quarters of all holiday trips were taken by car (73.3%), followed by holiday trips by train (11.2%) and plane (11.0%).

One out of three did not went on a holiday trip in 2021

Around 2.6 million people living in Austria did not went on a holiday trip in 2021. The highest share of non-travelers was in the federal state Burgenland with 47.6%, and the lowest in Vienna with 28.1%. The most common reason cited by more than half (57.5%, 2020: 44.3%) of respondents was "no interest to travel" (2019: 45.5%). Safety concerns, which ranked first in the first pandemic year, followed in second place in 2021 with 41.3% of mentions (2020: 48.9% of mentions; 2019: 6.7%). About one in five (22.6%; 2020: 25.3%) cited "health reasons or reduced mobility" (2019: 29.4%) or "work or study commitments" (2021: 21.6%, 2020: 17.6%; 2019: 24.3%) or "family commitments" (2021: 19.6%; 2020: 15.2%; 2019: 26.6%). 17.2% of respondents cited "financial reasons" (2020: 12.1%; 2019: 23.4%).

Further information on the travel behavior of Austrian residents please refer on our website.


Information on methods: Statistics Austria conducts quarterly surveys regarding the travel habits of individuals living in Austria aged 15 and older. Every quarter, 3 000 representatively chosen respondents are interviewed by telephone (CATI), since 2020 online as well (CAWI). The participation in the survey is voluntary. The selection framework for the proportionally stratified sample is the Central Register of Residence. The collected information concerns data on holiday and business trips with at least one night spent and same-day trips. Data regarding the travel habits of the Austrian population is available since 1969.


Holiday and Business Trips1) 2019, 2020 and 2021
Share of persons aged 15 and older with at least one holiday trip (in %)
Share of persons aged 15 and older with at least one business trip (in %)
Holiday and Business Trips (in 1.000)
Holiday21 207.512 653.516 144.6
Business3 629.91 698.42 134.6
Total24 837.414 351.918 279.2
Domestic holiday trips and holiday trips abroad (in 1 000)
Domestic holiday trips11 130.89 377.49 576.9
Holiday trips abroad10 076.83 276.26 567.7
Total21 207.512 653.516 144.6
Domestic holiday trips and holiday trips abroad (share in %)
Domestic holiday trips52.574.159.3
Holiday trips abroad47.525.940.7
Holiday trips by duration of stay (in 1 000)
Short-term trips ( 1-3 nights)11 323.97 640.48 778.1
Main trips (4 and more nights)9 883.75 013.17 366.5
Total21 207.512 653.516 144.6
Holiday trips by duration of stay (share in %)
Short-term trips ( 1-3 nights)53.460.454.4
Main trips (4 and more nights)46.639.645.6
Organisation of Holiday trips (share in %)
Travel Agency, Tour Operator24.916.014.7
Main travel motives (share in %)
Visit to friends or relatives26.733.233.5
Activity Holiday18.426.218.2
Recreation Holiday16.117.516.4
Cultural visit, city trip, sightseeing holiday15.76.28.8
Beach and bathing holiday9.66.711.9
Top-5-holiday destinations abroad (share in %)
Long Distance Trips2)8,65,62,1
Other destinations abroad33,035,628,1

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