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European Peer Review 2022: Quality and independence of Statistics Austria will be reviewed

Vienna, 2022-03-30 – A peer review is currently taking place for the third time at the European statistical authority Eurostat and in the national statistical offices of the European Statistical System (ESS): A team of independent international experts is reviewing the implementation of the Code of Practice, which all national statistical institutes (NSIs) of the EU member states have committed to uphold. The Code of Practice sets out how European statistics should be developed, produced and disseminated in accordance with statistical principles and best international statistical practice and aims to ensure public confidence in European statistics. The principles of the Code of Practice include independence, objectivity, commitment to quality, confidentiality and data protection, and adequate resourcing. At Statistics Austria, the review process will take place from 4 to 8 April 2022.

"As independent institutions, the national statistical institutes play a central role in democracy. It is therefore important that compliance with the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice is also regularly reviewed. Statistics Austria is fully committed to these principles. The peer review, which is taking place for the third time, can provide important recommendations for the further development of the national statistical institutes, but also for the national statistical system as a whole. The Corona crisis in particular has shown how important independent and high-quality data and statistics are," says Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas.

Report on the implementation of the Code of Practice will be published in mid-July 2022

After the on-site assessment, the experts draw up a draft report on compliance with the European Code of Practice in Austria, in which concrete recommendations are made and possibilities for development are identified. Statistics Austria then has the opportunity to formulate a statement on this expert report. The publication of the final report of the Peer Review is planned for mid-July 2022.

Further information on the peer review, the procedure and the team of experts can be found on the Eurostat website and on the website of Statistics Austria.

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