Press release: 12.770-068/22

Number of private households exeeded the 4 million mark in 2021

Vienna, 2022-03-18 – In 2021, according to Statistics Austria, there were 4 020 000 private households in Austria, including 2 358 000 single-family and 55 000 multi-family households. A total of 1 526 000 persons lived alone. Based on the Austrian Labour Force Survey (Microcensus), 81 000 non-family multi-person households (e.g. shared flats) were also recorded.

"In 2021, there were more than 4 million private households in Austria for the first time. However, the increase is only partly due to population growth, but mainly also to the fact that more and more people are living alone: Since the mid-1980s, the number of single-person households has almost doubled. Currently, more than 1.5 million people live alone, which is more than one in three private households," says Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas.

Between 1985 and 2021, the number of private households in Austria increased by 43.5% from 2 801 000 to 4 020 000. The population in private households, however, only increased by 17.7% during this period (1985: 7 481 000; 2021: 8 807 000). Thus, the larger number of households is only partly due to population growth. The main reason is that the number of one-person households has almost doubled from 768 000 in 1985 to 1 526 000 in 2021 (+98.7%). The proportion of people living alone in private households increased from 10.3% to 17.3% in the same period. This is also reflected in the household size: while in 1985 an average of 2.67 persons lived in a household, in 2021 the figure was only 2.19 persons.

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