Press release: 12.755-053/22

International Women's Day 2022: Gender Pay Gap remains high at 18.9%

Vienna, 2022-03-03 – In 2020, women earned 18.9% less per hour gross than men in the private sector. Compared to 24.0% in 2010 the gender pay gap in Austria has dropped by 5.1 percentage points. The decline in the gender pay gap in Austria in the pandemic year 2020 was twice as strong as the average of the last ten years. In an EU comparison, however, Austria is still among the countries with the highest gender-related wage differentials and clearly above the European average of 13.0% (EU-27: 2020).

Analyses by Statistics Austria show that the Gender Pay Gap can partly be explained by disparities in the labour market. The calculation of the EU indicator is based on gross hourly earnings so differences in working time are already taken into account. Considering factors such as economic sector, occupation, education, length of service or further observed characteristics almost one-third of the gender pay gap can be explained.

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